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Our mission is to increase the exposure of the indie game industry, we want as many people to embrace indie games as possible. If you’re an indie developer, we need your help and would LOVE to talk to you about your game. We don’t care if you are a one-man team or a multi-man team — or women team; we want to play, talk about and share your independent game. If you are an independent developer, marketing and getting your game out there is one of the hardest things to do. Hopefully, this page of links and tips will help you get your game reviewed and the exposure that it deserves.

First off, we hope that you will take a moment to add yourself to our indie game developer mailing list. We won’t spam you! We only send content related things that you are interested in… namely indie development and other great games by your peers.

Game Stuff


We love doing interviews with indies because it gives them an opportunity to talk about their game in their own words, gives our readers some insight into what being an indie developer is all about, and it gives us a chance to better interact with the indie game community.  We’ve uploaded a lot of our standard questions which you can answer at any time of the day.  It’s a great tool that allows us to quickly put together interviews. Don’t be afraid to contact us about scheduling a more in-depth and personal interview as well.  We love to do interviews via phone, Skype, or email as well.

A few Quick Tips about Contacting IGM

  • Keep it short and to the point – we get a ton of marketing, press, and other spammy emails.
  • Personalize it — Writing “Dear IGM, we’re big fans of your magazine and would love for you to show off our new game” goes a long way.
  • Be Yourself — We’re not owned by some huge corporation, so don’t act like you are one.  Show off your personality in your email.
  • Links — Include links to your game, demo, website, social sites, etc. — make it easy for us to learn about your game.
  • Videos & Screenshots — These are great things that we can put right in our post and story so make them easy to get to.
  • Press Kits — zip up your best videos, screenshots, logos, etc. into one convenient file that we can download.


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