What’s SuperMash All About?

About the game

SuperMash is a unique game that mashes or blends two different games in one. The game itself features a game store where you can blend together games of different genres. This gives rise to numerous options. Each time you select two game genres, there is a new game created that you can enjoy playing. This is the main feature of SuperMash, which makes it so innovative and different. This is a single-player game that is a combination of arcade, platform, shooting, stealth, metrovania (action-adventure), and role-playing games.

The game comes to you from Digital Continue, an indie game development firm based in New York City. The developers have two other games Jumpstream and Next Up Hero. The was released in December 2019. It was released for the Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms. Digital Continue is the publisher of the game. The game was released for the Nintendo Switch in May 2020. It is a tribute to the old Nintendo games that had a Retro game challenge that involved a similar kind of concept.

Story and Plot

SuperMash resembles the popular Jumanji story. In Jumanji, a bunch of teens discovers a board game, and strange things happen. In SuperMash, teens find a retro console that has magical powers that allow them to mash games. The game features two key characters, Jume and Tomo, who are brother and sister. Jume has a game shop, and it is in trouble. She needs the help of her brother to save the shop. The game lease is running out, and they need to make money. For this, they decide to mash games using a console they find in the store.

The storyline is quite simple and is an excuse for the main theme of blending games to have fun. In the game, you create new games, find collectibles, and sell them to save the store. This is the basic premise of the game. The main part of the game is in the mashing of games. There are six genres of games, and you have the complete liberty to mix and match genres. This opens up multiple possibilities. The games even have three difficulty modes to make it all the more challenging.


Image Credits: Supermash website

The first thing, of course, is to mash the games. Bringing together two games of different genres is fun, innovative, and can throw up a surprise. This brings an element of interest in the game, allowing you to keep on mashing games without getting bored. For example, if you mash an RPG with a shoot-em-up, you may get a game where you need to shoot aliens but do it only when the battle gauge gets filled up. The games are procedurally generated, and you have no idea what is going to turn up. This is both a positive and a negative part of this game.

Some games can be frustrating to play and may have glitches in them that affect gameplay. Also, even though the possibilities are limitless, the execution of the mashed games may not be different each time. You may not feel enthused about playing the game, which is one of its main drawbacks. The mashes are inspired by top games, but the end result may not be satisfactory each time. This a game where 10 plus 10 may not be 20 but may end much lesser. The repetitive nature of the mashed games is the main downside to this great concept of mashing games. It brings together all-time hit games with cut scenes that create nostalgia. This is something worth looking forward to.

The game features

Image Credits: Supermash website

The following are the features that explain what SuperMash is all about:

  • The game involves mashing games from different genres that lead to a new game being created each time.
  • You can share this game with friends and generate a MASH code and share it with them.
  • The games involve endless possibilities, where each time there can be twists in gameplay. Multiple difficulty modes make it more interesting.
  • You can get DevCards as you play the game and use them for the main storyline of the game.
  • The game’s concept is innovative, but there are problems with the execution. The way the games are mashed can sometimes ruin the fun.
  • The game concept is definitely great, and new content and DLC have been promised by the developers.

Want to know more about SuperMash? Check out this awesome trailer.

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