Why Should You Play Braid?

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About the game

Braid is an indie game created by developer Jonathan Blow under the studio name Number None. This is an old game that was released more than a decade back. The popularity in Indie games has generated interest in this game, which was initially released for the Xbox 360, Windows, OS X, PlayStation 3, and Linux platforms. This is a puzzle-based single-player platform game. The game concept is quite simple and will remind you of Mario. It has the hero trying to rescue a princess from a monster. That’s where the difference with Mario ends. This game has extensive puzzles, making it unique and winning it a lot of popularity.

Considering that the game was developed by an indie developer, it is considered a successful game since the developer earned more than six million dollars in revenue, with sales of nearly half-a-million copies. The puzzles in the game and the time manipulation concept used made this game not just popular, but it was considered an iconic game. The game won several awards subsequent to its release. Many other games released in the future were inspired by Braid.

Story and plot

A princess has been captured by a monster, and our hero sets out to find her. This is an old plot, but the plot comes to life thanks to the vivid puzzles in the game. Tim is the hero of this game, and the storyline slowly develops as you move through the game. This is not the straightforward arcade-type action game. There is so much more to it. There are many themes that are worked into this game. Desire, frustration, and forgiveness play a role in this game. The game has been interpreted in different ways, with the developer himself saying that it was open to different interpretations.

If you thought the game ends in the usual way with Tim rescuing the princess and marrying her, you are mistaken. There is a massive twist in the game that brings a new element to the game mechanics. This twist is intriguing and is what makes the game open to interpretations. Once you complete the game, you will get resources to help you interpret the game. The game was considered revolutionary since it altered the entire mechanics of game design. The developer has stressed that the game is more about the journey and not the end destination.


The game has a platform structure with many puzzles built into it. As the player, you get control of Tim and have to move him in the game, making him jump, run, climb, and defeat opponents until he gets to the princess. One of the most important elements of the game is time control. Tim has the ability to rewind time that allows him to exist even after he dies. The levels of the game are referred to as worlds, and there are six of them. As you pass through the worlds, you come across books and writings that play a role in the game. The puzzles in the game are a blend of the easy and the extremely tough. They are challenging and allow you to enjoy the game.

You get a flag and a dinosaur in each level of the game. The dinosaur tells you what to do next. The fun part of the game is that even if you die, you can rewind and go right back to where you are. This time, the rewind concept is taken to a completely different dimension at the climax. The ending is very surprising and involves time reversal. As the game concludes, you will be surprised, shocked, and even saddened at the revelation. This is what leaves the game open for interpretation, making it such a popular one.

Image Credits: Braid Game Website

The game features

The following features explain why you should play the game Braid:

· The puzzles form the core of the game, and you need to complete them not just to move ahead but get a perspective of Tim and his relationship with the princess.
· The game has time rewind that allows you to come back even when you die. You can even be in two places at the same time.
· This is a 2D game with engaging artwork.
· The basic storyline, time rewind concept, and the extremely surprising climax are the highlights of this Indie game.
· The game conclusion allows multiple interpretations, making it all the more interesting.

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