Indivisible: What Makes This Indie Game Special?

About the game

Indivisible is an action platform RPG from Lab Zero Games. The game features a central character named Ajna, who is a rebel and sets on a quest to avenge her father’s death. The game is influenced by South Asian folklore and myth. The game has been created by Lab Zero games, an indie game development firm based in Los Angeles. The company has created the popular game Skullgirls, which was followed by Indivisible. The game is published by 505 Games, an Italian game publisher who has published a diverse collection of games.

The game was announced in 2015 at the Anime Expo. It was based on the RPG mechanics of the Valkyrie Profile series. The game has hand-drawn 2D animation and includes voice acting. The game prototype was created after raising money through crowdfunding. The game was released in October 2019. It was released for the PlayStation 4, Windows, Linux, Xbox One, and MacOS platforms. In April 2020, the game was released for the Nintendo Switch platform with the help of a porting group.

Story and Plot

Indivisible features a female protagonist. The character Ajna is a tomboy and a rebel. She lives with her father in a village, which is one day attacked by an army. The army belongs to a warlord known as Ravannanar. Her father dies in the attack. During the incident, Ajna realizes that she has a strange power. She can call various incarnations into her being, which gives her powers, and she does not know how she has got these powers. She wants to avenge her father’s quest and sets out to find the warlord.

The game involves her journeys across the world to find the warlord. She meets many heroes through her journey, who help her in her quest. The game is set in a fantasy world and involves the concepts of incarnations. Each of the incarnations has their own stories, which goes along with Ajna’s story. While she proceeds on her quest, she gets to understand why she is able to summon the incarnations. She also understands more about herself, her world, and understands what she needs to do next.


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The game involves a host of characters. She absorbs one of the enemies into her being and sets out on her quest. There are a variety of incarnations who help her. They include a botanist named Ginseng, a witch Razmi, and a water empathy Thorani. The game has two elements. One is an exploration in the platform style. Here, the central character needs to explore the world, unlocking various abilities and finding gems that can help her in its quest. The map exploration is essentially a linear quest. The turn-based combat system is the second element of gameplay. She fights these battles along with three of her friends and involves the use of combo attacks.

The game has many mobility items that can help you play easily, and you will find the game more enjoyable. This is why you need to watch out for where these items are when you explore the world. For example, a spear allows Ajna to pole vault to heights from where she can see more clearly. The landscape and graphics are very well-designed and a delight. The combats are interesting and give you various options to succeed. The characters have been well-defined, which adds to the game’s overall appeal. The relationship between Ajna and the characters and the unraveling of the plot make the game really interesting. The battle system takes some time to understand but is immensely enjoyable once you get the hang of it.

The game features

Image Credits: Indivisible website

The following are the features that make Indivisible so special:

  • This is a combination of platform and RPG with exploration to find tools and upgrades, followed by turn-based combats.
  • The game has a well-defined plot, and the game characters are well developed, which is the highlight of this game.
  • There is a story that moves ahead as you play the game and holds many mysteries.
  • There are multiple characters or incarnations who you meet in the game, and their stories and role in the game are engaging.
  • The game graphics is one of its highlights and will definitely be appreciated by gamers.
  • The fights take some time to get adjusted to but are interesting and are challenging too.

Watch this game’s amazing trailer to know more.

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