Do You Love Farms? You Should Definitely Play Atomicrops

Launched on May 28, 2020, Atomicrops is a roguelike adventure farming simulation game where you have to protect and cultivate the only remaining farmland in this post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Mere moments before a nuclear explosion wreaks unimaginable havoc to the surface of the entire earth, you arrive at your inherited farmland. Fortunately, you were inside a spooky bomb shelter hatch when it all happened. What’s not so fortunate is that your farm is now the only source of food left for the townspeople, and thus, you must do as any honorable man would and that is: Farm. Marry. Kill.


Till and sow your farm with mutant GMO fruits and vegetables to reap copious quantities of lush harvests so that you can feed what’s left of humanity and sustain it to survive this harsh and toxic world. While becoming the sole provider for the nourishment of life is rewarding enough, you can also earn huge profits from your produce by selling and trading.


Woo your fellow townspeople by bombarding them with attention and roses. Once a deep connection is established, you can tie the knot. Each character comes with special bonuses that will help you, so choose your life partner wisely. Or don’t. With upgrades further along the game, you will no longer be restricted to one spouse. Marry as many people as you possibly can to increase your field defense stats as well as your combat skills. The more you marry, the greater your chances are at winning.


Each night presents itself with bellicose threats in the form of starving mutant pests eager to devour your bountiful crops. You must ruthlessly kill every one of them, or your entire progress could be destroyed and reset. Turn your pesky foes into fertilizer to enhance crop quality and invest in scarecrows. During the day, forage into the wasteland to find precious hidden commodities that will help you in your battles.

Interact, progress, befriend, and upgrade!

Various Characters

Rye and Lavender are two worker characters that will help you on your farm. Rye is a mechanic whose basis is mostly combating. Lavender, on the other hand, is a beekeeper with appropriately neat farming bonuses such as a 20% increase in the rate of crop growth, and she starts with two bees that further speed up the growth rate.

Then comes the suitor characters that you can marry. These also offer bonuses that will help you protect and grow your farm. For instance, once you partner with Norman, this flying fellow can hurl deadly slime attacks. There are a lot more unique characters that await you in the wastelands.

Game Progression

You progress through the game by passing through different years. There are around 10 Years. Each year has five seasons that last three days each. There will be a boss fight at the end of each season, and if you survive through it, you will meet the mayor who tallies up your battle rewards and produce profits and reward you accordingly. Survive till the fifth season, which is the “Nuclear War”, and you can level up to the next year.

The fact that you only have one life also adds some urgency to this already frantic madness of a game. However, you can save your progress as long as you come back to your farm at the end of each day. This way, you don’t have to completely restart a season when you die.

Animals for friends

Befriend and recruit the local animals on your farm to enjoy immense benefits. Each animal possesses unique farming features- Cows can water your crops while chickens clean weeds and lay eggs. Bees will increase the growth rate of your crops and pigs till the soil for you and can randomly expand your farm area!

Explore the vast wastelands to find valuable seeds and loot that could contain anything from unique weapons to bags of cashews. Use seed to cultivate new upgrade features and buy more with your cashews. Each year also brings new upgrades that include features such as bees that water plants, a special mushroom that gives you instant powerups, special bonuses in loots, and so on.

There are a lot more fantastic elements in Atomicrops, but it would be unwise to give away everything upfront. Go get it and experience the adorably cartoonized chaotic frenzy and discover firsthand the untold secrets of the game! You can also watch the official launch trailer here.

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