Must-play Mods of the Mount and Blade Warband

Mount and Blade: Warband – The game and the mods

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Mount and Blade is a popular RPG from TaleWorlds. Warband is a stand-alone expansion pack released for this game. Warband adds on to the original game by introducing new options and a new faction.

Mount and Blade: Warband is a game set in the medieval period. It involves strategy and combat with the objective of winning the throne of Calradia. The popularity of the game ensured that many mods came out. These mods are developed by enthusiasts around the world and add several exciting features to the game. The list of best mods of the game is presented for you to try out and enjoy.

1. Decapitate and Dismember

The game is all about killing your enemy. A perfect sword shot to the head is a satisfying way of dispatching an enemy. The decapitate and dismember mod does more than that. It allows you to chop off their heads, arms, and legs into pieces and send them flying around the place.

2. Full Invasion 2

This is the multiplayer mod that makes this game all the more interesting to play. When you activate this mod, it allows you to gang up with other players to take on invading armies. It is more fun to play with friends and massacre the waves of enemy armies.

3. Floris mod pack

This is a mod pack that brings in a set of new features meant for advanced gamers. If you are tired of playing the same game, you can add spice to it through this pack. It allows you to play an expanded version of the game with higher difficulty levels- a must for those who like challenges.

4. Star Wars – Bear Force 2

This mod is Mount and Blade meets Star Wars. Characters from the iconic Star Wars series make an entry into the game. Instead of using swords to take on your enemies, you can use the Sci-Fi lightsabers to zap them.

5. Warsword Conquest

This total conversion mod changes many game dynamics. It adds many more factions to the game to make it more interesting. Lizardmen, Dwarves, and Elves join the game so that you can enjoy it better. You can even get drunk and launch yourself on the enemies using this mod.

6. The Last Days

Source: TaleWorlds Website

The Last Days of the Third Age mod is another total conversion mod that brings a new element into the game. It brings to life the novels of J RR Tolkien. This is a mod that fans of the Lord of Rings trilogy will enjoy.


HOTD or High School of The Dead shifts the game to Japan. Zombies come into play in this mod, and you need to survive the zombie infestation. You can play as the zombies, the police, or as high school students in this completely crazy version of Mount and Blade: Warband.

8. A World of Ice and Fire

This mod is for fans of Game of Thrones. It brings to life the world of George RR Martin’s seven kingdoms. You fight for the Iron throne while engaging in intense warfare with other kingdoms. The game is completely changed in line with the novels of Martin.

9. 1776 American Revolution

The mod brings in the historical battle for American independence into this game. You can be part of the rebels fighting the British or even play the role of the British trying to hold on to the country. There are also Native Americans who want to get rid of both. This is a total conversion mod bringing in completely new elements to the game.

10. War of the Samurai

The mod is set in 1560 during the period of the Battle of Okehazama. There are more than 30 clans to choose from to play this version of the game. It brings in an element of realistic history to the game.

11.  Prophecy of Pendsor

If you like the original game and want something new, then you will like this mod. There is a completely new AI in the battle mechanics that makes it all the more interesting to play. It is the story of a champion bringing kingdoms together.

12. Warband Battle Size Changer

If the size does matter for you, then go with the mod that allows you to change the battle size. You can bring in up to 1000 soldiers into the game. However, your hardware must be able to support it.

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