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Tomb Raider is an action-adventure game featuring the popular Lara Croft. The game is based on the Tomb Raider movies. The game was created by developers Crystal Dynamics, and the publisher was Square Enix. The game was released in 2013 and featured the origins of Lara Croft. The multiplayer game became extremely popular and went on to sell more than 11 million copies making it an all-time success. The success of the game led to a sequel being released. The game’s popularity led to many mods being created that enhanced the game and made it more enjoyable to play.

The Mods

The following are some of the mods of this game that you are popular.

  1. Outfit Mod
    If you are tired of seeing Lara Croft look the same throughout the game, then this mod will be useful. Clothing mods have always been popular, and this is the best of such mods. You can use this mod to change Lara’s dresses making her look different as you play. There are multiple outfits available through this mod.
  2. Crystal Vision
    If you want to enhance the quality of images and animation as you play Tomb Raider, then you will find this mod handy. The Crystal Vision mod takes on the SweetFX shade suite and has updated it with a new framework. When you use these presets, you get the best quality of images that are sharp and crystal clear. This is a mod that truly enhances the game features.
  3. 4K Diffuse and Specular Maps
    This is a mod that can be very useful when you play the sequel to the game. Lara’s looks have been changed in the sequel. If you want her to look like how she did in the previous games, then you can apply this mod. It uses a 4K diffuse texture to make Lara look like how she did in the original game. It uses specular maps to make this happen.

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  1. Cam Tools
    Do you like photography? Do you love taking photographs of the video games you play? If so, then the Cam tools mod will be one that you really love. You can use this mod while playing Tomb Raider and get the best photographs of the game. Intense moments in the game with great backgrounds can now be captured for posterity using this mod. You can change camera angles and get the best pictures of the game to share with friends.
  2. TR Visual Redone Reshade
    Most of the Tomb Raider mods focus on improving graphic quality. The original game has great visuals, but nothing is perfect, and you can always improve on it. This mod enhances the visual graphic element in the game. With this mod, you can get better quality images. It enhances aspects of visuals like lighting, tone, and color balance. For those who give a lot of importance to visuals, this mod is a must.

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  1. Tank Top Outfit
    The tank tops that Lara Croft has are mostly dark or muddy, thanks to her being involved in non-stop action. If you want a new dimension, you can try this mod. It changes the outfits that Lara Croft wears. It adds color to Lara’s tank tops. There are many higher resolution outfits available that you can try out when you have this mod installed.
  2. Wild Pack Mod
    This is another visual enhancer mod. With this mod installed, you can change the textures in the game to improve graphics quality. It gives you new skins for the Lara Croft character. You can try out the different options available and do it for some other characters of the game also.
  3. Armpit Mod
    The game features some close up shots of Lara Croft’s armpits. If you want to change how her armpits look, you can try out this mod. This makes the pictures look more realistic with sweat and stubbles.
  4. Apex Photorealistic Reshade
    This is one of the top reshade mods that the game has. It is simple to use and has many options that players would love. You can enhance graphics quality using this mod like a filter within the game. A must for those who love to enhance game graphics.
  5. Tactical outfits
    This is an outfit mod that gives more clothing options for Lara. If you are bored seeing the same outfits, use this mod to try out new tactical outfits.

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