The Best Game Mods of All Time

What are game mods?

The word mod stands for modification. Game mods are modifications done for a game. There are tools available that can be used to modify a game and make changes that the player wants. Players can change colors and other elements of the game. They can even create new levels in the game. Once a mod is created, it can be distributed for others to play.

In this article, we look at some of the best game mods of all time.

1. Counter-Strike

One of the top games of all times, this game mod is considered one of the greatest of them all. Incidentally, the game began as a modification for Half-Life. This game was modified to create a counter-terrorist game. The game mod developers were hired by VERVE to create the Counter-Strike game.

2. Garry’s Mod

Garry’s Mod is called the King of Mods. It brings to life all the resources from Valve games. As a player, the options are unlimited. You can virtually do anything. You can create your own world, add characters, and create a scenario of your choice. You can even create a complete game of your own using this mod. You can unleash your creativity using this game and achieve fame online.

3. Long War XCOM

Long War game mod took the XCOM game to a new level. It converted the game into a highly complex and intense game. The game developers were so impressed by the mod that they hired the mod developers to create official mods for the game. Long War 1 and Long War 2 mods have been released. It has new gameplay elements, making the mod into a great strategy game.

4. Chaos DM

Chaos is the game mod of the popular game Quake II. The resources of the game were augmented in this mod to add extra weapons that have great power-ups to enhance their effectiveness. The game mod served as in inspiration to many multiplayer games that were developed. The concepts and gameplay of this mod were re-used for developing the game Halo 3.

5. Defense of the Ancients

Warcraft was one of the most popular ancient games with war as its theme. The game spawned in the form of series, with Warcraft III becoming popular. This game was modified as Defense of the Ancients. The game has a host of features that made it so famous. There are new heroes introduced in the game, and you can even level up the heroes. There are new AI assistants that enhance the game's effectiveness.

6. Dark Mod

Dark Mod uses the engine of the popular game Doom 3. It is a unique game that brings in a popular character from one of the old PC hit games – the Thief series. Garrett, the main character of the Thief series, is brought back in the dark mod game. It is a game in the thief concept where you have to rob a guild. It uses game elements from the Doom series. This is an enjoyable game for fans of both these games.

7. Black Mesa

Black Mesa is a mod game that uses an innovative technique. It has taken the base engine of the famous Half-Life 2 game and has weaved in the Half-Life 1 storyline into it. It has been a comprehensive rehaul of the game with many new elements. This is a new mod game and has now been released as a solo game, thanks to its popularity.

8. Just Cause 2

Cause 2 was a highly popular game that was available in the single-player mode. Just Cause 2 is the mod version of Cause. It changed this amazing game into a multiplayer game, making it even more enjoyable. Some concepts of Minecraft have been included, bringing in more intensity and ferocity to this game.

9. Day Z

Day Z is a mod of the game Arma 2. The military simulator has been turned into a zombie game with multiplayer mode. The game developer hired the mod makers to create the game for them officially in the stand-alone mode.

10. Red Orchestra

Red Orchestra is a mod of Unreal Tournament. It is a first-person shooter game that recreates World War II. The wars that took place in Eastern Europe are recreated in the game. The mod won awards and achieved fame for its makers, thanks to its realistic gameplay.

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