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Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins is a single-player role-playing game from Bioware and EA (Electronic Arts). The game released in 2009 has a cult fan following, thanks to the unique blend of story, characters, and combats. With more than three million copies sold, the award-winning game is popular even today.

The customization of the characters made this game interesting to play. There are many enemies to be defeated and decisions to be taken in this game. The elaborate storyline and the well-defined characters add interest to the game. The popularity of the game has led to many mods being developed that enhance the game.

Image Credits: EA Games

The mods

The following are some of the top mods of this game that you will definitely enjoy playing.

  1. Ultimate DAO Fixpack

One of the top-rated mods of this game, the main attraction of the mod is that it fixed many of the bugs in the game. There are more than 790 bugs that you will find in the game, all of which get fixed through this mod. As a bonus, you get access to hidden content that you did not know was available in the game. There are unattainable game items you can get hold of. It also provides interesting options to the breakup between key characters that you come across in the game. This is one of the must-play mods of this great game.

  1. Auto Loot

In the game, you need to rob corpses, and here’s where there is a problem. You need the help of a middleman to do it. If you did not like this feature in the game, this mod gets rid of it completely. You don’t have to do anything once an enemy is dead. Just click, and everything that belonged to the corpse is now in your inventory. A useful mod that saves you a lot of time and effort.

  1. Lock Bash

Locked doors and treasure troves in chests are a problem in this game. If you did not know how to open locks, then don’t worry. This mod allows you to literally bash locks in. It is very simple- install this mod and have a hammer ready. You can smash open locks and watch them disintegrate in front of you. Very satisfying if you love smashing locks! Some people, though, reported bugs in the mod; so, check it out carefully.

  1. Extra dog slots

Who doesn’t like a dog? You would like to take your dog everywhere, but just a second! In a game like this, taking a dog along can be a problem. You need to be alert for enemies, so you don’t have time to take care of doggy. If that was your problem, then this mod solves it. It allows you to tie a dog to yourself. It does not make use of the companion slot option in the game. Take your dog with you; it comes wherever you go.

  1. Forced Deathblows

If you like a fight that has a gory ending, then this mod is for you. Forced deathblows allow you to deliver forceful deathblows that cause a gory ending of your opponent. If you like bloodshed and gore, use this mod to smash your opponents to smithereens. There are different settings that make the animation gorier. Recommended for those who love a battle with carnage in it.

  1. White Teeth

This is basically a fun mod. If you don’t like the color of the teeth on your characters, you can whiten them through this mod. Decayed and yellowed teeth vanish when you use this mod. Make your characters show their pearly white teeth with this mod.

  1. Equal Love

A great mod to show your support to the LGBT movement. Install this game, and the Victorian morals of the old world vanish. Your characters can now love each other, irrespective of their gender. You can even change the game storyline by changing your character pairings, once you have this mod installed.

  1. Alley of Murders

If you are an avid fan of this game, then you may have become a bit bored. Here’s an add-on to interest you. There is a serial killer on the loose, and you need to find him and bring him to book. A fun-mod that has voice acting to spice up the action.

Image Credits: EA Games

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