What to Look Forward in Neversong

Previously known as “Once Upon a Coma,” the retitled “Neverland” has just been launched on Steam on May 20, 2020, by developers Atmos Games and Serenity Forge. It is a 2-D indie adventure/puzzle/musical game that follows the young protagonist, Peet, as he awakens from a mysterious coma, only to discover that his world has become unusually somber.

There is undoubtedly a great deal to look forward to in this game. Get ready for a stunning graphic experience, wistful piano music, and a hauntingly surreal narrative as you delve into the beautifully elegiac world of Neversong.

Image Credits: Atmos

The story

After waking up from this strange coma, Peet discovers that things aren’t really how he remembered. He notices that children are everywhere, but not one adult is in sight. He later discovers that all the adults had disappeared when they had gone to rescue Wren, who was apparently kidnapped, and who also happened to be his only good friend.

The creator, Thomas Brush, invites players to explore the eerie world of Neversong and investigate the cries that come from deep within the heart of the world, solving puzzles and fighting strange creatures along the way to once and for all discover the truth about the lost adults and his missing girlfriend.

Amazing cognitive adventure ahead

To discover the truth behind Wren’s disappearance and the odd world around you, you must skill yourself in the various musical pieces written by Wren, which will help unlock new passages. However, these pieces are scattered all over the world, and as you try to find them, you will encounter massive insects, dangerous beasts, and blood-thirsty zombies. With the aid of your pet bird, the childhood friends, and your dad's reliable blade, you must pass through them all to find the answer.

Unique gameplay feature

A refreshing feature about the gameplay of this game is that combat is not requisite for many parts of the game. Although it follows the simple hack-and-slash mechanic where you reap benefits from killing the creatures, it really doesn't pose as a huge threat until you move on to the later stages of the game. Besides, the moving story of loss and hope, combined with the wistful piano playing in the background, will doubtlessly make you rethink mindless killing. This subtle difference in gameplay is something surely worth anticipating.

Image Credits: Atmos

Interesting side quests

The awesome fort built by Peet and his pals just a year ago is suddenly way bigger, and more dangerous than they recall. This becomes the ground for some really interesting side quests as they battle the eerie insects that live within these castles to find helpful clues. The boys engage in locating their homemade “coma-cards,” which is a fun card game that reveals secrets about the strange world and its even stranger inhabitants.

Six equally haunting levels

The game consists of six levels with names equally eerie- Reddington (Peet’s hometown), The Spiderian Well, Bloodwich Hollow, AshCliff, Fluffbucket Deep, and Blackfork Asylum. Surely, the names sound sinister enough to spook you. It isn't just the name, however, as you will realize that each of these levels is more like haunting worlds of their own.


Perhaps the most exciting thing you can anticipate from Neversong is the awesome cheat codes that were revealed by the creator himself! With simple cheats like pressing on different keys, you can play as characters of famous gamers and YouTubers. For example, by pressing 9, you can change your protagonist to become Pewdiepie. Now, isn't that a treat! There are a whole lot more cheats that you will realize as you play along.


Help your tiny timid protagonist Peet overcome his fears and share with him his pains and struggles as you journey into the vast, eerie world to find the answers. Bask in the nostalgia of the old school, Zelda-inspired game as you witness this innocent and somber story unfold. Neversong offers you a mix of action, exploration, and puzzle, together with a compelling narrative that will surely be remembered for a long time.

The game has had huge success in sales in just between a week into its launch on Steam. With so much to look forward, it is no surprise that the people love it. So, go ahead and allow yourself to be part of this wonderfully pure and deep experience. You can also watch the official launch trailer of Neversong and immerse yourself in the compelling visuals of the game.

Game Trailer

Video Source: YouTube

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