20 Subnautica Mods Indie Gamers Need to Play

Subnautica mods

Mods are modifications that are done by gaming aficionados to the games they like the most. These mods allow them to make changes in the games that make the game even better to play. Subnautica is a popular open-world adventure game with under-the-ocean settings. There are many mods possible in the game to help you improve the game appearance and get more resources.

The 20 best mods

The 20 best game mods for Subnautica are listed below. You can use these game mods to enhance your overall game experience and have greater fun.

1) QMod Manager

If you want to mod Subnautica, then you need the QMod Manager. This is an essential tool that you will need to make mods and run many mods. Install it before you proceed further.

2) Map

The map is a great mod that helps you to add a new feature to the game. If you want an easy way to explore new areas and to look for resources, add the map mod.

3) Creation Mod

This mod allows you complete freedom to explore the oceans. You don’t need material to craft, nor do you need energy for vehicles. It is a great mod for exploration.

4) Base Clocks

The Base Clocks mod gives you a timer in the game. It allows you to time the game as you play. The clock can even be changed to display system time.

5) Food Mod

When you add the food mod, you get a greater variety of food choices. You get six cakes and six juices to add. You can customize them as per your wishes, including changing the recipe.

6) More Quick Slots Mod

By default, the game allows you five slots to configure hotkeys for the game. Avid gamers won’t find this sufficient. This mod allows you to increase the slots to 12 to have more hotkeys.

7) Power Info

You will be consuming power when you play Subnautica. This mod allows you to keep track of your power consumption.

8) Hard Mod

Experienced gamers want greater challenges. For those who want a tougher game, this mod makes the background darker. It makes gameplay more scary and difficult.

9) White Lights

If you want the appearance of the game to be more realistic, you can change the lighting. The White Lights mod changes the light color in many game elements.

10) Upgraded Vehicles

This mod gives you more vehicles to add to the game. They also help you reduce damage and increase your survival chances in the game.

11) Blueprint

Crafting in the game requires resources that you need to collect. The Blueprint mod allows you to easily track the materials you need to craft items, making the job easier.

12) Autosort Lockers

Subnautica has many lockers for you to store items. If you find searching for items tough, then install this mod. It sorts through the items, making it easier to find.

13) Resource Monitor

If you have the Autosort mod, then you can install the Resource Monitor. It helps you track all your items easily.

14) Easy Craft

Once you have the blueprint mod, you can get the Easy Craft mod to make crafting easier, saving you a lot of time. All items needed from the crafting are taken from storage units and used to craft.

15) Vibrant Shader

If you want to improve the overall look of the game, making it vibrantly colorful, then this mod will be of great use. You need DirectX 11 to run this.

16) Decorations

If you have a passion for interior décor, you can fulfill your desire through this mod. You get different types of posters, containers, bottles, dolls, skeleton parts, toys, computers, and other items to use for decoration.

17) Improved Alien Containment

You can use this mod to create alien containment that you can use for Ampeels and other such creatures. With these creatures in the containment, you can generate power for your base and save your resources.

18) Docked Vehicle Storage

This mod is very helpful and automatically takes out items you have collected from your vehicle the moment you dock the vehicle.

19) Moon Vehicle Repair

Repairing vehicles is a major task in the game. With this mod, all you need to do is dock your vehicle in the moon pool; repair happens automatically.

20) Nitrox Mod

This is one of the best mods as it allows you to play the game in the multiplayer mode with your friends. The mod is still in development.

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