The Best Game Mods of 2019

Mods are fabulous, and they add a whole new level of interest in any game. The modification of games make it more appealing to the mass, thanks to its uniqueness, custom levels, objects, and characters.

People search for mods every day; however, despite the tons of options available, only a few mods make it to people's hearts. So, for all the gamers, here are some popular mods that you can play for free. These games will give you unbounded pleasure.

Mini Militia Mods

Mini Militia is probably the most popular shooter game. The game first came in 2015 and has been on the rise ever since, both on the App Store and Play Store. There are over 50 million downloads on Play Store alone, which proves the immensity of its popularity.

Owing to its reputation and popularity, you can see tons of mods all over the internet.

Mini Militia is a shooter game that lets you encounter and fight other players in an online world. You can either play in a team or as a single player. You can choose from a plethora of battlegrounds, weapons, and avatars.

The mod version of the game has attractive features such as unlimited health, infinite ammo, pro-pack, and much more.

Temple Run 2 Mods

Who has not heard of Temple Run 2, right? It is probably one game most of us have played. It is highly exhilarating and invokes you to beat your high score. The amazing never-ending running game inspired people to make mods.

The modded version of the game offers unlimited coins and gems. There are also 27 unlocked characters that you can use in the modded version. These characters have unique abilities that set them quite apart.

Subway Surfers Mods

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Subway Surfers is another popular running game that is just as exhilarating as Temple Run. The game features a kid, that you can change, who keeps running away from a cop. The game takes you to several cities with stunning landscapes and different types of trains.

The popular game has inspired a modded application. The modded version of Subway Surfers offers unlimited coins, keys, and store items to enhance your experience and keep you hooked to it.

Candy Crush Saga Mods

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Candy Crush Saga has made its name in the game world. You will see people of all ages playing this addictive game. The game has pretty-colored candies and obsessive sound that makes this a fun game to play.

The game is pretty simple, or is it?

You have to swipe, match, and crush the candies to score points and move up the level ladder. The matching game provides entertainment and amusement. It is a puzzle game that requires you to match similar candies to score points. There are over 2000 levels, making it an almost never-ending experience.

However, some of the levels are so difficult, you cannot pass it in one go, or five. When all your lives are over, you have to wait to refill it, and that can be frustrating. That is where the mod version of Candy Crush Saga comes in. The modded game has unlimited power-ups and gold bars, with which you can cross any level smoothly.

Angry Birds Mods

The popular arcade game, Angry Birds, first came to entertain us in 2016. It has been on the rise ever since, and today, it is one of the best arcade games of all time. However, as is with many games, the higher up in the levels you reach, the tougher it gets to clear them.

For such moments, you can download Angry Birds Mods for an exhilarating experience. The modded game has the birds unlocked for you to use. You will all get the power-ups and auto-aim features to help you clear all the levels with ease.

Modern Combat 5 Mod

Inspired by the famous PC game, Call of Duty Sage, Modern Combat has managed to win over people's hearts. There are so many fighting styles to exercise in this game that you will feel like you are wearing Call of Duty Saga. Choose any fighting style that suits you and makes you the best.

The Modern Combat 5 Mod gives you much more than the original version. With the modded version, you get access to all the weapons, protection suits, and fighting styles to give you the most fantastic experience ever. You also get unlimited in-game resources, which you would otherwise have to wait for in the original version of the game.

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