What Should You Expect from Swimsanity!?

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About the game

Swimsanity! is an underwater adventure game. It is an online multiplayer game that is based in an underwater world. It is an enjoyable action game where you can play with your friends to have a great time. You can even participate in competitions. The game allows you to play online, or if you choose to, locally. The multiple ways to play the game is one of its attractions. It is a game where you shoot your opponents underwater and blast them away to complete challenges and have fun. The game is still in development and is expected to be released sometime in 2020.

The game trailer was released by the developers, and it has caught the attention of critics and gaming fans. The light-hearted action game has won fans through its trailer and demo. The game is a product developed and published by a Boston-based Indie developer firm called Decoy Games. Decoy Games is a two-member company founded by two brothers along with a talented friend. Develop Khalil created a single-player flash version of the game while at University. This led him to start the firm, and Swimsanity! is the first project that they are working on. The game is going to be launched on Steam and the Nintendo Switch.

Story and plot

The game is an outright action-adventure game set in an underwater location. There is no plot or story; it is an online multiplayer (as well as local) game. The key character in this game is Mooba, an underwater warrior who is an expert in these waters. You play in this game as Mooba and need to survive and win the game. You can opt for the Challenger mode, where you take part in challenges to complete the game. The other option is to play in the adventure mode where you need to protect the Orbs in the aquatic world.


You play this game as Mooba, and you need to fight underwater. Mooba has what is known as ‘unleash power.’ This power grows as Mooba keeps winning against opponents. There are different kinds of attack power that Moobas has. This includes making bullets rain from the sky, a shark attack, and the ultimate power, which is Swimsanity! If you can get enough powers, then you unleash Swimsanity! that will allow you to completely dominate the game. The game has colorful, cartoonish visuals. You are offered several modes using which you can play the game. The game is usually played with three other players. They include:

a) Online co-op: You play here in the co-op mode with a total of 4 players. You compete against other opponents in the world.
b) Online versus: Here, the four of you can take on anyone in the world either in casual games or in serious matches, where you can win rank and make the leader board.
c) Local games: The four of you can get off the online world and play locally with each other, either using the co-op option or playing versus mode.
d) Adventure mode: In this mode, you play all the adventures with the objective of collecting orbs to save the world.
e) Survival mode: You play this as a team of four and face endless hordes of foes with the objective being survival.

There are warp gates, and you can use them to teleport yourself, giving you an advantage in the game. Playing in a group of four is fun, and you need to coordinate your moves so that you can ace it.

Image Credits: Decoy Games

The game features

The following are the features that you can expect from Swimsanity!:

· The game is set underwater. You play as Mooba and can play locally or online as a group of four.
· The game is available in multiple modes, including online co-operative mode, leader board challenge mode, survival mode, and so on.
· Unleash refers to powers you get with the ultimate unleash being Swimsanity! that would give you a great advantage in the game. There are a total of ten unleash options in the game.
· You can play in interesting challenges like Last Mooba Standing and Deathmatch to enjoy the game to its best.
· There are eight different game modes and more than 150 challenges that promises non-stop action for hours together.
· In the adventure game, there are 300 orbs that need to be collected to win the game.
· The game expected to be released later in 2020 is an action-packed shooter.

Game Trailer

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