Take a Trip Through Time With These Historical Indie Games

Gamers have many options with various genres and types of games to choose from. Apart from the games created by major developers, there are numerous indie games to choose from. These are games created by individuals or small teams of developers. Starting-off as shareware, these games have become very popular nowadays. There are many genres of Indie games that are popular. One of them is the historical genre.

Historical indie games are those set in ancient times. These games are based on real or fictional characters from history and have events like wars, conquests, or other such campaigns as their theme. These games allow you to take a trip through time, allowing you to travel through different lands at different times in history.

Some of the top historical indie games are reviewed here.

1. This Land Is My Land

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You are the chief of a Native American tribe. The times are difficult as settlers are moving in to take control. You need to explore the new land in front of you and handle hostile animals and humans. As the chief, you need to unite the various tribes and bring them together to save your land. You need to lead your tribe and protect them. Your aim is to take on the enemy and ultimately take back control of your lands.

This is a stealth game and allows you to decide how you want to run the game. Decision-making is a prime element in this game. The decisions that you make have a direct impact on the gameplay. In fact, the game environment changes depending on the decisions you make. You will come across many challenging situations, each of which can have different outcomes. It is up to you to make smart decisions and move the game forward.

Some of the key features of this game are:

  • Using the social trading system to trade with others.
  • Unlocking advanced weapons and options by upgrading your skills.
  • Using weapons, traps, and threats to take on the enemy and defeat them.
  • Collect resources and bring in more warriors to help you.
  • Explore the amazing terrain and enjoy different locales.

This game has positive reviews, and it requires a 64-bit processor, ideally with Windows 10 and 16 GB RAM and DirectX for the game to work at its best.

2. Dawn of Man

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Dawn of Man is both a survival game as well as a builder game. It is a game that spans centuries, allowing you to traverse more than 10,000 years in history. You need to build your city and grow it. At the same time, you need to defend yourself and your people to stay alive and survive. This is a game of survival set in pre-historic times.

You start the game from the stone age. The primary objective is to start collecting resources from around you. Fruits, water, wood, ores, and stones are needed. You need them to make food and to start making tools. You can use these tools to build homes and other structures. You need the tools to make weapons to protect yourself. You need warm clothes and an abundant stock of food for the winter times.

Once you establish yourself, you need to expand to meet the needs of your people. You need to build fortifications and need to upgrade your weapons. Conflict with animals and others is inevitable, and you need to do this to succeed at this game. This unique game that starts in the stone age will take you forward in time as you progress, ending up in the iron age.

You can research new technologies in the game to upgrade yourself. You can tame wild animals and use them to do your work. The game has very positive reviews and needs a 64-bit processor with 8 GB RAM with DirectX version 11 to be able to run smoothly.

3. 1943 Berlin Blitz

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The year is 1943, when the Second World War is at its peak. Hitler unleashed the blitzkrieg to bomb Britain, and, in return, Britain retailed, sending its bombers to Berlin. The 1943 Berlin Blitz is the theme of the historical indie game. The game features a Lancaster Bomber that was used for the 1943 air raids. The game centers around Wynford Vaughn-Thomas, who was a war correspondent who worked for the BBC during the time of the war.

Vaughn-Thomas went in a Lancaster bomber on a raid to Berlin, and his experiences are re-created using this game. The game makes use of Virtual Reality to recreate the experience. The original recordings made by Vaughn-Thomas has been used for this game that has been made by BBC Media applications technology.The animation used is realistic and uses real audio clips to enhance the overall experience. The use of VR technology provides an immersive experience. 1943 Berlin Blitz requires a minimum of 8 GB RAM with an Intel i5-4590 or AMD FX 8350 processor. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R290 equivalent graphics device is needed for smooth gameplay.

4. Hell Let Loose

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Hell Let Loose is another World War-II based game that provides a realistic experience of fighting on the battlefield. This is a game that takes you to the battlefield where you wage war against the enemy and take on infantry soldiers, tanks, and battle vehicles. This is a first-person shooter game that provides a great experience for gamers.

The maps of the game are very interesting as they are based on the real images from battlefronts of the second world war. Satellite data has been used for creating the maps. The game features 100 players who are divided into two groups of 50 each, who battle each other for survival. This is a battle to the finish, where there is no respite.

The game background keeps changing. You may fight on open fields, in forests, and on bridges. There are game sectors defined that have to be captured. The moment you capture a sector, the resources will be available for your use. You can take one among 14 different roles in the game. You can choose to be a tank commander, officer, or machine gunner – the choice is yours.

This is not an ordinary shooter game but is a highly realistic war simulation. The game is easy to learn and play, but mastering it requires a lot of effort. You require a minimum 64-bit processor with 16 GB of RAM to be able to run this game smoothly. This is presently an early access game, and the game is still under development.

5. Ultimate General: Civil War

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This game is set in one of the most tumultuous periods of American history. This is the time of the American civil war. The game is a war game where you need to employ your tactics to win battles from history that took place during the civil war. In this game, you are part of the civil war and are the General of the Army commanding your forces. Your objective is very clear, which is to win the battle.

The game uses battles from the civil war- top battles like the Battle of Chancellorsville, Battle of Phillipi, 1st Battle of Bull run, Battle of Washington, Battle of Richmond, and many other such battles. There are more than 50 battles you can participate in when you play this game. You need to control your army, manage your forces well, and win the battle. As you win battles, you can get access to more troops.

You can design and implement tactics for your units very easily at the click of a mouse. You can create defensive and offensive strategies as the situation demands. The weapons that your army uses are the real ones that were used during the civil war. You have access to a few weapons, and the others need to be obtained by carrying out missions on the battlefield.

The game uses AI or artificial intelligence as your opponent, increasing its difficulty level. The enemy will target you relentlessly, and you need to be alert to repel attacks and defend your positions. You need to capture bridges, hills, and other such key terrains to get a competitive advantage over your enemy. The maps in this game are realistic, using actual data from satellite images.

The game requires Windows 10 with at least an Intel i5 processor. A minimum of 2 GB RAM with 1 GB VRAM, a resolution of 1920 x 1080, and Nvidia 960 or Radeon R9 285 graphics device is needed for the best performance.

The above were reviews of some of the top historical indie games. Some other games that are rated highly that you can try out include:

1) Battle Brothers

2) Discovr™ Egypt: King Tut’s Tomb

3) Unity of Command II

4) Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail

5) Naval Action

6) Steel Division 2

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