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About the game

What the Golf is a golf game meant for people who don’t like golf! Yes, you read that right! It is not a game for golf fans but for those who don’t like golf. It is a fun game that is silly and is a parody of golf. It is a physics-based game that is not meant for those who seriously want to learn golf. It is a game for those who want to have a good laugh while playing an enjoyable game. The game tagline says that it is made by people who don’t know anything about golf. Playing this game will not make you a good golf player.

The title would come as an expression when you play the game and find it so funny and absurd that you would say, ‘What the Golf!’ This game has been created by the Indie game developer Triband. It is a Denmark-based gaming firm that has also published the game. The game was released on Microsoft Windows and iOS platforms in 2019. Subsequently, the developers created a version for the Nintendo Switch console. The Nintendo version was released on 21st May 2020. The game can be played by two players.

The game plot, characters, and storyline

What the Golf is an arcade type of game that is a golf parody game. You can play this game alone or in the party mode where you can invite a friend so that the two of you can have fun. There is no plot or storyline in this story. It is just a fun game where you play or, rather, ruin the game of golf. It is a comedy game with many surprises in store for you. It is a game of golfing that you play on different golf courses. The only thing is that what you play is definitely not golf. It may be soccer, it may be bowling, or it may be snowboarding. It’s an absolutely absurd golf game where you don’t actually play the game of golf.

The gameplay

Playing this game is very simple. All you need to do is pull back, take proper aim, and release. That’s all you need to do. The only thing left is to watch what happens when you hit the ball. As mentioned, the golf game suddenly becomes archery, bowling, or soccer. The gameplay is the same, though – pull back, aim, and release. However, there are many problems you will face. You take careful aim and hit the ball, but you may find someone kicking your ball away. The game is so silly that a pole you aim at may run away, leaving your scratching your head.

You need to be careful while playing because there are explosive barrels in the game that go boom if you hit them. There are so many funny things that can happen in this game, which will leave you thoroughly entertained. The best part of this game is that you can record all these fun moments and save them to view later. The game has different levels so that you can have more fun. There are ranks within the level that allow you to finish the game quickly in a certain number of moves (difficult mode).

It is not only golf you get to play; there are other bonus games like Portal Guitar Hero and Flappy Bird that you can enjoy while playing this game. The one thing this game doesn’t do is teach you golf. It is an outright irreverent game that makes fun of golf. You get to play golf in space also. There are many creative elements in this game, which makes it a truly entertaining one. You can play this game for around six hours, but you won’t be done. You can go back and play extra levels that add more challenge to the game.

Image Credits: Triband Website

The game features

The following features tell you all you need to know about WHAT THE GOLF:

· What the Golf is a fun game that offers good entertainment.
· It is not a true golf game but is a parody meant to entertain.
· The game recording option allows you to record the fun you have to relive the experiences later.
· There are many extra bonus challenges that make the game more exciting to play.
· You can win crowns when you win a challenge and build a collection of trophies.

Game Trailer

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