What PixelJunk Eden 2 Looks Like?

About the game

The PixelJunk series of games have been developed by Indie developers Q-Games. The company is a game developer based out of Kyoto, Japan. Founded in 2001, the firm works with Nintendo and Sony to develop games. Some of the popular games that they have developed include Star Fox Command and Digidrive. The series started in 2007 with the release of the game PixelJunk Racers published by Sony for the PlayStation 3. This was followed by PixelJunk Monsters and then PixelJunk Eden that was released in 2008.

PixelJunk Eden

PixelJunk Eden was released by Q-Games in 2008 for the PlayStation and was published by Sony. The game graphics was created by a well-known artist from Kyoto known as Baiyon. The game involves the players being in the garden of Eden, where they have to move about the garden to gather pollen. The pollen is then used to create new plants to expand the garden. The players play as characters known as Grimps that move around the garden, creating plants. The game could be played as a single-player or as a multiplayer co-op game. The game popularity led to the release of an add-on known as PixelJunk Eden Encore.

PixelJunk Eden 2

PixelJunk Eden was released on PlayStation and Windows. It now has a sequel that is named PixelJunk Eden 2. The game continues in the same direction as its predecessor, allowing players to use Grimps to grow a garden. The main feature of the new version of the game is that it would be released on the Nintendo Switch. Most of the games of this series were made for the PlayStation. This game is available for the Nintendo platform and will be released on the Switch console.

The game trailer has been released and has allowed gaming fans to get a preview of what the game has in store. The game uses the same gameplay elements as that of the original. The sequel introduces new features and adds on the existing game elements for its release on the Nintendo. The sequel has also been developed by Q-Games. Baiyon continues to be associated with this release serving as the creative director of the game. The game supports up to two players. It is expected that the game will be released this summer.

The game plot, characters, and storyline

The game characters

The player plays this game as a character known as the ‘Grimp.’ The grimp is the main character that you control while playing this game. The name grimp has been derived from two words – grip and jump. This is essentially what the grimp needs to do in the game – jump from plant to plant and grip to hold on. Multiple players can play, with each one of them controlling their own grimp. The game only involves grimps, plants, and enemy elements that try to block the grimp’s progress in the garden. There are no other characters, enemy bosses, or opponents with guns in this game.

What is the game about?

The game starts in a garden (Eden). There are various plants that are depicted through pixelated abstract shapes. The plants in the garden have pollen, and the grimps need to activate seeds by jumping into them after collecting pollen. There are enemy plant elements that are in control of the pollen. The grimp needs to hit these enemies using its own body or by spinning silk. Tackling more enemy elements allows more pollen to be released. Once pollen is released, it activates the seeds, which then grow into new plants.

The grimp then needs to attach itself to the new plant and work to achieve its main objective. The key objective of the game is to collect an object known as spectra. Collecting all the spectra that are located high above is the objective of this game. One more important part of this game is the meter or life gauge. This is like a ticking clock, which keeps counting down and reducing the contents of the gauge. When the gauge becomes empty, the game is over, and the mission has failed.

The gauge can be replenished by collecting crystals that are found at various locations in the garden. Collecting a spectra helps to get a full refill of the gauge. The players should thus keep collecting crystals or spectra to be in the game. The earlier versions of the game resulted in a situation where players would lose the game progress if the gauge became empty. Newer versions allow players to continue playing without having to start from the beginning. Using the continue option will block certain game achievements. The game moves from one garden to another, and the progress depends on the spectra collected.


The game has stages in the form of gardens. Players or grimps need to progress from one garden to another. The Oscillator is the gauge that works like a health meter in the game. As you keep playing, the oscillator starts to become out of tune. You need to keep playing to collect pollen, make seeds grow, climb onto new plants, and pick up spectra. There are also crystals to help keep the oscillator in tune. Pollen prowlers are the enemy in this game who are preventing pollen from activating seeds. You need to crash on to the pollen prowlers and destroy them, allowing pollen to fall on the seeds to charge them. The more prowlers you attack, the more pollen falls.

Jump on to a plant with a charged seed, and it grows, allowing you to move up to pick up the spectra. Keep moving from one plant to another to collect and move ahead in the garden. As you move ahead, you will pick up points in the game. One pollen is equal to one point. An enemy combo gives you 100 points per combo. A full seed activated can fetch you 1,000 points. Once you pick up a spectra, your points increase by 10,000. Co-op playing with another player in the multiplayer mode will allow you to earn more points. The pixel artwork and the rhythmic soundtrack are key attractions of this game.

As you keep gaining points and moving ahead, you can unlock new Grimps. These new grimps have enhanced features, allowing you to take on challenges more easily. There are spices available for use in your gardens. This will make the process of developing new gardens faster and easier. There are multiple gardens in the game that you will play as you keep progressing in the game. This ensures that you can play this game for hours together, having new challenges without a dull moment. Swing from silk threads and activate seeds through pollen as you revitalize and re-invigorate the gardens of this wonderful game. Play this game on your own or play with a friend in co-operative mode to enjoy the game even more.

Game features

The game PixelJunk Eden 2 is a sequel to the popular PixelJunk Eden game. The features of the game explain how it looks like:

· The game from Q-Games features Grimps that the players need to play as to progress in the game of gardens. You can play in single and multiplayer modes.

· Players need to pick up pollen to activate seeds by destroying the pollen prowlers. This allows plants to grow, and players can pick up spectra. Picking up spectra earns points and helps to keep the oscillator meter going. It also helps to move to new gardens.

· Collecting all the spectra in a garden completes one stage. This allows the player to move ahead to the next stage.

· The game involves jumping on to plants, gripping it to get a hold, and fighting the pollen prowlers to activate seeds.

· Plants and biomes can be grown with exotic leaves and colorful flowers. The plants create an amazing psychedelic effect as you keep advancing in this game.

· Like in the previous games, the effect of playing this game is like creating an abstract painting on the screen. Players can save their work.

· The artwork and soundtrack are attractions of the game that make the gameplay enjoyable.

· New grimps can be unlocked as you progress in the game that has additional features.


PixelJunk Eden 2 is an action game where you play as horned creatures known as grimps that jump from plant to plant, spreading pollen and allowing plants to grow. The eco-friendly grimps allow you to create a large garden with tall plants that you can use to collect spectra to move ahead in the game. A sequel to the popular PixelJunk Eden, this game will be released in the summer of 2020 on the Nintendo Switch. Gamers can look forward to interesting gameplay, enjoying the visual artwork and the beats of the rhythmic soundtrack. This is a game that those who have played before would love to enjoy on the Switch. First-time players will definitely find the game attractive.

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