Here’s All You Need to Know About Mechstermination Force

Mechstermination Force was initially released in April 2019 and later released for PC on Steam on May 23, 2020, by Swedish developer Horberg Productions, popularly known for their Gunman Clive series, and publisher Flyhigh Works. Since the time of its initial launch, it has already caught on quite a rave with the audience, and it looks like it has a promising future.

The creators took a chance at the classic boss rush theme, and the result turned out mighty fine. By the looks of the theme and style that are centered around the boss rush plus run and gun genres, the game has a lot to offer to the new and old fans of the highly approved Gunman Clive series. The action-packed arcade game will require tenacious efforts from the players as it will be loaded with larger than life bots called MegaMechs that you have to tackle one after the other.

Mechstermination Force, with all its uniqueness, can also give you the exemplary Contra feel with its run and gun actions throughout. The game gives you the option to either play solo or with another person in a local co-op mode. Both ways, you will find yourself wholly engaged the entire time in the game, which should be a pretty good sign.

Here is what the premise of the game looks like

The world has grown cataclysmic ever since the vicious MegaMechs have taken over. The only hope for redemption is a small unit of soldiers fighting tirelessly to restore humanity's freedom. Join the resistance and help destroy this mechanical menace once and for all in the new brilliant Mechstermination Force.
Battle gigantic robot bosses, earn mighty weapons, and buy powerful upgrades in this 2D platforming boss rush arcade game that is now available on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Windows. The game can become a long-winded process of endlessly battling a giant boss, moving on to the next and so on, until you meet the final boss. But if you keep coming back to the game over and over again, you will begin to build up your skills and tactics, as the more you face those towering monsters, the better you will get at fighting them.
Overthrowing a monstrous authoritarian rule is no easy feat, and you are going to need all the help you can get. So, here’s everything you need to know about Mechstermination Force —

Mechstermination Force Gameplay

Destroy robots. Get paid. Upgrade. This is pretty much the basis of the gameplay of the Mechstermination Force. Right from the beginning, you will be thrown into battle against a monstrously giant robot. The goal is simple. Shoot the robot until its weak points are revealed. Then draw in closer and jump or climb around the massive metal to reach the spot. Then finally hit it with your best shot to take it down. Earn battle rewards and collect money during battles. Purchase new ammunition as well as combat and health upgrades.

Battle with Bosses!

Mechstermination Boss is the epitome of the boss rush platforming genre with back to back boss battles. It just consists of boss fights after boss fights that can be replayed over and over again. This combat game contains 14 massive boss robots known as Megamechs, which means there are 14 boss battles. Besides being extremely huge, these robots also have more than one weapon and can fire frustrating amounts of ammo at you.

Each robot has some weak points around its body, which when exposed, could mean the end for them. That is, if you can dodge massive blows, missiles, and much more and reach the spot before your life runs out. Also, it might be worth mentioning that the robot undergoes several transformations each time their weak spots are exposed to hits. This keeps you at your toes throughout the battle because you have to constantly change your combat techniques and find the most efficient ways to take down the giant.

Simple Game controls

The game is played using a three-button system that performs clear actions. Press ‘B’ to jump, ‘Y' to fire. Hit the ‘A’ to change weapons and use ‘X' for special close up blows, which is character-specific. Red targets incur damages only through this kind of attacks, while all other targets are susceptible to anything. In your controller, press any of the shoulder buttons to crouch down. You will be locked into this position to help ease your target aiming.


You have to put in a lot of work in this game to earn money. You need to constantly engage in battles and accumulate the money that is dropped by the robot during battle. You can do this in two ways- replay previously defeated battles to collect money from the old bosses or fight new ones. Both ways, you earn money that can be used to buy better weapons and cool upgrades.


After you have collected a handsome amount of money, visit the Mr. McShopKeep Shop where you will find a vast array of ammo and upgrades. Two significant upgrades are the Boost Boot and Magnet Gloves. The former allows you to double jump while the latter gives you a perfect grip for climbing tough areas and slippery metal surfaces. There is so much more fun stuff lying around the shop, which is yours to keep if you have the money.

Combat tips

Replay! Replay! Replay! This way, you will learn and predict your enemy's attacks as well as improve your skills and increase your score. You can also try out new weapons and upgrades on previous enemies and perfect their handling before battling new bosses. With rigorous replays, you will realize new and better ways to efficiently attack your enemies and reap maximum rewards.

Excellent graphics and animation

Mechstermination Force plays around a colorful “not so retro” aesthetic background that adds to the appeal of the game. Add to these artistic scenes some absurd and hilarious conversations alongside an arresting soundtrack, and you are all set with a beautiful game that plays behind all the hefty action series. With the towering MegaMechs, the fight scenes, and your characters all trying to fit in the screen, it can also become a tedious task to spot your mini soldiers sometimes.


If you enjoy boss rush games, then Mechstermination Force will surely give you the thrill, although the scenes can get quite overwhelming. With the towering MegaMechs, the fight scenes, and your characters all trying to fit in the screen, it can also become a tedious task to spot your mini soldiers sometimes. But that would be just a minor drawback, which can be easily ignored when the amazing gameplay mechanics come into the picture. It provides a rather smooth interface if you can also overlook the negligible control glitches. And all these small hitches don't give you any reason to not like the game.

The deceivingly cartoonish and sketchy graphics with the added comical scripts can initially hide the great ordeal of defeating the city monstrosities. Do not be deceived by the look of the game as it can have you biting your nails throughout the entire process. The gorgeous graphics with delightful pops of color everywhere also add an aesthetically pleasing ambiance to the game, which is again complemented by the impressive soundtrack.

All in all, Mechstermination Force is a game that requires a lot of patience and perseverance. Unlike other boss rush shooter games, this one gets more interesting with each replay. Both you and your enemy are constantly evolving and forming new techniques, so you are always on the edge of your seat. However, it isn’t impossible to master this game. With enough practice, you will emerge as the champion and finally free Humanity!

You will soon realize after several attempts, the in and out the game, strategies, and tactics that will easily win you a victorious finish. Odd as it may seem, the beauty of the game, or any game for that matter, is not about straightaway winning the game without putting in any efforts, but instead, it is about painstakingly figuring out the game strategy at each level or stage. That is what hooks any player into any strategy game.

Is Mechstermination Force worth playing?

Mechstermination Force is one game that is not to be missed. It will give you a truly delightful and fulfilling experience while requiring you to face arduous situations but not unmanageable. If you still think you are not convinced enough then, you should watch the official Mechstermination Force announcement trailer and see if you are up for it. If you think you can beat those monstrous bosses then, jump on the bandwagon and start fighting now. You will find yourself pleasantly surprised and satisfied when you come out with a triumphant ending. This game is well worth your time and money, and will not leave you disappointed. So hurry and get the game lest you are late to the party.

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