What Does Black Skylands Entail?

Black Skylands is an adventure game that is expected for release in the last quarter of 2020. Developed by Hungry Couch Games, this steampunk RPG game introduces you to a world of floating islands where everyone seems to be free, and you are provided with excellent opportunities for exploration until the Swarm appears. To win this Steam-powered game, you need to charge into the nest of the enemy, defeat all the bosses, and discover for yourself the secrets of the Black Skylands.

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The Earth is now a collective of thousand floating islands. The new world is tyrannized by Kain's Falcons, a group of bandits who raided your home. These same bandits also hide in the far depths of the Black Skylands.

You are provided with a jetpack, a trusty hook, and a ship to explore the picturesque exciting world of the Black Skylands until you find those you're looking to attack to avenge your family. You learn the story of Young Walter and his friends as you parallelly try to rebuild your Fathership and engage in what promises to be a life-changing journey beyond the clouds.

The world of Skylands contains several different kinds of islands – farm, forest, snow, urban biomes, and of course, the mysterious Black Skylands. There are at least 30 different kinds of islands to play in. You get to explore each of them and fight your battles on land as well as in the Sky.

You are made available a variety of weapons- at least 25, which you are to use to defeat your enemies. You level up in the game as you unlock upgrades for your guns and ships. Not only the weapons, but even the ten ancient artifacts are strewn across the game's landscape also possess extraordinary abilities.

When you begin to restore your Fathership, you also get a chance to trade, craft weapons, build farms, and modify your ship. Also, never forget – the Sky is always hungry.

TinyBuild Games is the publisher for this pixel-art top-down shooter. It can be played on a PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or PlayStation 4. The trailer for Black Skylands was released in January, earlier this year.

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Minimum system requirements

Windows 7 OS, Integrated Sound Card, 4 GB available storage space, Direct X Version 11, 3GB RAM Memory, GeForce 9600 GT Graphics Card, or a minimum of AMD Athlon 64 x 2 6000+, 3.0 GHz or more.

Black Skylands: Origins

Black Skylands: Origins provides you with a platform for acquainting yourself with the main game before it releases. Black Skylands: Origins is an open-world adventure game, which you can use to meet the full cast of characters you will find in the Black Skylands game. It also allows you to learn the basic mechanics of the main game. It is brought to you by the same developer and publisher. Black Skylands: Origins released in April 2020.

You play as Walter, a young Earner who readies to defeat the Kain's Falcons and rebuild your Fathership. You meet your friends, family, as well as the villains in the story. You are allowed to take your ship for its first voyage as you receive an opportunity to bond with her. Bonding with your ship will aid you in your Black Skylands gameplay later as aerially navigating your ship will not be easy. In Black Skylands, the Sky is always hungry, which means if you wish to survive, you will need to befriend your ship, study it, and understand how to best maneuver it.

If you love modifying your weapons, Black Skylands: Origins will prove to be a delight for you. You can craft and use a variety of attachments and weapons as you progress through the game. Choose from among the 50 mods made available to manipulate how your guns behave.

You also get to build your first-ever farm and grow your very first crops. Being an Earner means you are a competent farmer, pilot, and builder. Don't allow your farms to stay idle.

The system requirements for running Black Skylands: Origins is the same as running the main game.

Users who have already tried their hands on Black Skylands: Origins have appreciated the pixel art and the handling of the weapons in the game. Since this was launched as a BETA trial version for the main game, they hope the actual game release brings more improvements to in-game controls and system usage.

If you enjoyed playing Black Skylands: Origins or are looking forwards to trying out Black Skylands when it releases, you might also want to try out The Witcher, Borderlands, and Monster Hunter gaming titles. These are similar action-adventure games that ought to appeal to you too.

Game Trailer

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