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Why You Should Consider Laying Your Hands on Little Nightmares

Ah! Looking for a puzzle format video game to keep your brain cells engaged, but also ...
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What Does Black Skylands Entail?

Black Skylands is an adventure game that is expected for release in the last quarter of ...
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Know All About Alaloth – Champions of the Four Kingdoms

Alaloth: Champions of The Four Kingdoms has been inspired by the period of The Middle ...
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Here’s All You Need to Know About In Other Waters

Feature Image Credits: Twitter About the game In Other Waters is a game where you ...
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The 5 Indie Games for PC That You Might Have Missed

Indie games are those developed by individual developers or by a small company. Indie ...
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‘La-Mulana’ PC Remake To Support Modding

It’s always nice to hear that a game will be officially moddable, and it’s even nicer ...
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‘Fez’ Finally Makes The Leap To PC

One of the most talked about indie games ever is finally making its way to PC after ...

“Psychological Puzzler” Pillar Released on PC, PS4, Xbox 360

MichaelArts recently announced that their freshly developed “psychological puzzler” ...

Canine Chaos: ‘Diluvium’ Released On PC and Mac


Student Project Pinwheel Cartwheels to Mobile and PC

“Student Game Developers: Got Game?” is the question asked on the clay.io page, looking ...
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