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Alaloth: Champions of The Four Kingdoms has been inspired by the period of The Middle Ages. Developed by Gamera Interactive in collaboration with Chris Avellone, this RPG features warriors, fights, and war. Set in a corrupt world, the game requires facing an ancient evil as players travel through lands destroyed by conflict where clans and noble families are fighting against each other.

You decide if you want to take on the role of a hero or a villain and undertake quests, pick up ancient relics, and acquire reputations that will help you succeed. Once you’re done with the first play-through, you’ll activate many new game modes that will give you more options to explore the numerous kingdoms in the game and customize your characters.


The plot of Alaloth: Champions of The Four Kingdoms is exciting and will surely keep you engaged. Alaloth seems to have descended into the realm of humans where he lies as a prisoner in the Valley of Storms. This is the region where the four kingdoms of the game intersect- men, elves, orcs, and dwarves.

It is from the heart of the Valley of Storms that Alaloth spreads evil, destroying all hope for people around the world. You get to come in here and make your own path from the Ways of Arms, Nature, and the Gods.

Start your adventurous mission to prevent the kingdoms from being threatened. You must make intelligent choices to defeat your enemies in combat. Joining one of the noble houses, you must uphold the history of the house as their enemies become yours. Your quest to protect the kingdoms will take you across forests, mountains, and wastelands to the Valley of Storms.


This high fantasy game is packed full of adventure that you won’t want to miss out on. You can explore new worlds that are governed by new laws, new Gods, and new politics and power dynamics. You can choose to play from among four different races- humans, dwarves, orcs, and elves. Besides this, you get to interact with more than 40 clans and houses and choose an ally from the existing races. There are 12 allies that you can choose from who will be ready to join you on your adventure. Every race has ties to one of the four kingdoms and comes with its own history. On completing the game, you get to make your own house.

There are two phases of gameplay involved in Alaloth: Champions of The Four Kingdoms. Any movement that needs to be made across the world of the game is turn-based. You’ll need to visit certain points of interest to improve your hero, buy mounts, or even take trips to the game’s ruling families so that you can receive your next mission.


The game has a speedy combat system based on classic RPGs and the abilities of different characters. If you want to perform a series of attacks, one hit can help connect it to a new combo system. You can also make use of magic and equipment that will alter your style of gameplay. The game’s combat system is what really helps to get the whole gameplay experience. You can only last in combat by mastering a variety of fighting styles. There are three styles to choose from- Ways of Gods, Ways of Arms, and Ways of Nature.

Every class of characters has a unique set of abilities, with common combat combos for all champions. Animations used in the game for combat are motion captured and create a wonderful effect. The hardcore combat system of the game is combined with cRPG depth. Every hero gets to hire a maximum of three companions for the game, or you can group up with other players in the game for the sake of hunting down larger, more dangerous creatures that exist.

Multiplayer mode

The game offers a multiplayer mode of up to four players; so, you can enjoy playing it with your friends and family. You can either join the other players online or get rid of them so that you get to progress to the final battle.

Ability to replay

The game can be replayed multiple times, with each replay adding new features and customizations. You’ll be able to unlock multiple locations and recruit allies on the basis of how you progress in the game. The ability to replay the game and experience its new features and locations every time you play makes it all the more exciting.

Character customization

When you complete the game, you’ll be able to:

  • Customize your characters
  • Select your legacy
  • Make your own banners
  • Alter the appearance of your characters

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