‘La-Mulana’ PC Remake To Support Modding

It’s always nice to hear that a game will be officially moddable, and it’s even nicer when it’s a stalwart PC favourite. Nigoro’s La-Mulana made a comparatively huge splash on the nascent indie scene of the mid-2000s, helped kickstart the popularity of the entire ‘Let’s Play’ video concept, and was one of the core inspirations for Spelunky. The updated remake of it got trapped in Wii development hell for quite some time, but now it’s coming home, and this time you can tweak and tune it to your hearts content.

While it sounds like the game won’t be completely customizable according to this official blog post, you should be able to alter all the sound, music, graphics, translation and time-attack stage files to taste. Nigoro themselves suggest that someone try porting all the original version’s graphics and audio to the new edition of the game. The developers also say that they want as many people around the world as possible to play the game, so are completely cool with unofficial translation patches.

Don’t like the new look? Re-retrofy it, then!

There’s no release date on the remake set in stone quite yet, but there’s rumblings that it’s coming out sooner, rather than later. I can say with a dash of mystery and some surprising certainty that the remake is looking spectacular, and is a genuine improvement on the original faux-MSX stylings of the freeware original, which you can find here.

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