Canine Chaos: ‘Diluvium’ Released On PC and Mac

Les Collégiennes’ eagerly anticipated TOJam 7 offering, Diluvium, has finally been made available for PC and Mac.

Initially conceived and developed over 48 hours in association by Renaud Bédard, Aliceffekt, Henk Boom and Dom2D, the game is perhaps best described as a strategic versus game with a moderate propensity for the arts of typing and word play. Each player takes it in turns to type down the name of an animal into the game’s text box, upon which said animal will magically appear on the battle grid. What ensues is a grid-based free-for-all in which the animals, each possessing their own unique offensive and defensive attributes, duke it out for virtual supremacy, not to mention the opportunity to devour the victorious player’s vanquished opponent.

And before anyone asks, no duplicate animals are permitted. Basically, if one player opts to channel the spirit of Donkey Kong and summon a gorilla, the other player will be unable to do likewise until said gorilla has been successfully eliminated. One’s summoned creatures must also be constituents of the developers’ pre-assembled database of living organisms, which would be an almighty stumbling block were it not for the fact that they’ve included 284 completely unique animals in their list of applicable battlers. Even more impressive is the fact that 100 of the 284-strong creature roster have been fully-illustrated, ensuring that the game’s melancholy artistic vibe seldom finds itself compromised in any meaningful fashion.

Both the PC and Mac versions of Diluvium can be downloaded for free on its Bédard’s personal website, where more information on its development process is available for your reading pleasure.

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