Student Project Pinwheel Cartwheels to Mobile and PC

“Student Game Developers: Got Game?” is the question asked on the page, looking for fledgling game makers to post their creations. The challenge? Create an HTML 5 game that’s mobile-friendly.

Patrick Pistor’s entry for the contest is Pinwheel, a platformer in which the player controls a pinwheel. The goal is to go right, indefinitely, but it’s not that easy. There’s a bunch of obstacles on the way: Stationary spikes, moving sawblades, and even mines that explode after a delay. It’s challenging, but rewarding. There are coins and rare gems, with the latter being especially helpful, because they revive on the spot.

The levels are always randomly generated, which goes a long way toward keeping the experience fresh. Additionally, there are multiple colors for the pinwheel, as well as season changes, offering Fall, Summer, Winter, and Spring themes.

The game is officially out now, and you can play it from Pistro’s blog. He also plans to release the game to the Web through, for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Eventually, he hopes to get Pinwheel on the Firefox marketplace and Chrome Webstore.

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