The 5 Indie Games for PC That You Might Have Missed

Indie games are those developed by individual developers or by a small company. Indie games are today challenging top gaming companies by developing popular games. There are a large number of Indie games that are released every year. You may have missed out on some of these games. Don’t worry, the game that you missed out can be played in 2020. We have a list of the five best indie games for you:

1. Sayonara Wild Hearts

Source: Simogo website

Sayonara Wild Hearts is one game you must play in 2020. This is more of a music video, but in reality, it is an arcade game. You drive motorcycles and skateboards while playing this game as the music plays. There are battles, dances, and laser shootouts in the game. The story has an interesting premise. It is about a girl whose heart is broken.

She finds her other self in a dream, who’s a biker with a mask. The biker sets out on a journey with great music in the background. Playing as a young woman, you have many allies. Go on a journey to discover the universe’s harmony in this musical game. Simogo is the game developer who presents this game along with Annapurna Interactive.

2. Wilmot’s Warehouse

Source: Wilmot’s Warehouse Twitter

Wilmot’s Warehouse is a different game. It is a game that involves organizing. As you may have guessed, the game involves a warehouse that has a large inventory of colored boxes. You need to arrange your boxes in a proper way, just as things are organized in a warehouse. You have customers who demand boxes, and the game objective is for you to retrieve the boxes quickly.

Everything looks confusing, but once you start playing, things will start falling in place. Make sure you remember where you keep your boxes because you will need them quickly. It is essentially a puzzle game that brings in a bit of inventory management. There are around 500 products to arrange. You can play the game along with a friend to enjoy it more.

3. Katana Zero

Source: Katana Zero Twitter

Katana Zero from Askisoft is an action-based combat game. It is a non-stop hack and slash game that uses pixel art. Death awaits you at every corner of the game. It is common to die while playing this game. Don’t worry; the game allows you to rewind time so you can go back and replay. The game has many levels. Keep playing and chop down your enemies as you clear each level.

You will face enemies of various kinds. Defend yourself from them and destroy them. It is just all slashing away. There is a storyline in the game. You need to complete this to reach the last level and achieve victory. There are many twists as you reach the end, where you will face a surprise. Definitely, a game you can’t miss.

4. A Short Hike

Source: Ashorthike Website

Have you ever been out on a summer day hiking and enjoying the sights? If so, you will enjoy this game. In the game, you are visiting your aunt at Hawk peak park. Unfortunately, there is no cell phone signal. You need hike up to the top of the hill to catch the signal. This is the game plot, which is pretty simple. The rest of the game is about the short hike you take to reach the top of the hill.

There are many things you can do on the way. Catch fish, take a cool swim, or spend time chatting with other hikers. There are hidden treasures in the game. Try to find them to earn bonuses. You can enjoy a pleasant soundtrack as you play this simple but enjoyable game.

5. Kunai

Source: Kunai Website

Turtleblaze is the developer of the game Kunai. It is an action-adventure game, where you play as the main character Tabby and take on robots who have revolted. You can use the kunai to stop the robots and crush them. An AI robot called Lemonkus has gone berserk, and you need to fight him and his army of robots. Tabby is a robot who has the soul of an ancient warrior.

This is a game you need to start from scratch. As you keep playing and defeating your enemies, you will pick up weapons. Use these weapons and unlock the skills to destroy your enemies. The highlight of this game is the mobility and agility that makes it a great one to play.

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