What Should You Expect from EVE Online?

About the game

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EVE Online is a space game that is nearly 17 years old. Atari released the game in 2003, and the developer is CCP games. The game belongs to the MMORPG genre. It is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The game involves space exploration with several gaming activities like mining, combat with opponents, manufacturing, trading, and so on. There are around 7,800 star systems in the game for the player to visit. This shows what a truly comprehensive and complex game this is.

The game is an open-ended game where you are invited to explore the world around you. You can interact with thousands of players across the world through this truly amazing game. Even after so many years, the game retains its fan following, thanks to its innovative features, especially the battles. You can be part of missions and use the brilliant crafting system to create weapons and ammunition and become rich. Alternatively, you can choose to join the battleground and be part of the blistering spaceship combats. It is a truly addictive game.

Game plot and storyline

Being an open-ended game, EVE Online doesn’t have a strictly linear storyline. The game is set 21,000 years in the future. An unexplored galaxy named Eden was discovered, and colonies were formed. Eden was linked to earth through a wormhole (whose gate was named EVE). The wormhole collapsed, and all the colonies on Eden were cut off from Earth. There were five societies formed that control Eden. These societies or races are pitted one against the other, and this is what the game is all about.

You can choose up to three characters from any of the five races to be part of this game. You will have spaceships and can use them to travel around the star systems. There are stations to dock and refuel. Each of the star systems is interconnected through stargates. Corporations run by players control the jump bridges that allow you to move between star systems. You can manufacture items and trade them to earn money. The money can be used to upgrade your skills and combat abilities.

The gameplay

There are different areas in the game. The star systems are high-security areas where combat is banned, and the game police (CONCORD) will destroy aggressors. Low-security areas are where combat is possible. There may be action taken if there is unprovoked aggression. Zero Space or Null Sec Areas have no security. This is where all the major combats take place. If you don’t like war, you can spend time in the high-security areas and carry out game missions.

You can craft weapons and other accessories. Trade them to earn money and become rich. Use the money to upgrade your skills and make your corporation a leading one. This is not merely a space game but is a business game. The game makers have employed an economist to advise them, which shows the excellent business features this game has. If you play this well, you can earn enough money to rule over others. You can make deals with other players. There are a lot of possibilities in this game.

If you move to the no sec areas, that’s where you can test your combat skills. Upgrade your spaceships, equip yourself, and set out for fierce space combat. You can join alliances with other players or form your own alliance. Dominate space with your alliance and serve crushing defeats for your enemies. The battles in the game can be extremely intense, and you need to have maximum resources to be able to win.

More than 200 ships are available in the game. Each of the ships has unique features that make it valuable in the gameplay. Since the game was released, many expansions have come out. Twenty-five expansions have been released. Each of the expansions added more and more interesting elements to the game. The game is rich in features and has enough complexities for you to enjoy.

Features of EVE Online

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You can expect the following features from the grand old game EVE online:

  • EVE online is a massive multiplayer space game set centuries ahead.
  • The game involves crafting, trading, exploring, and combat.
  • You can join existing alliances or form your own corporation, as you grow in strength.
  • Piracy is an element in the game involving theft, ransom, and racketeering.
  • You can play this award-winning game for free or join as a subscriber.
  • Regular updates and patches have ensured this game remains popular.


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