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Huntdown is a new 16-bit pixelated cyberpunk game heavily styled around the retro arcade era and brings along with it the '80s inspired urban-clad city background drenched in neon aesthetics, which is surely enough to take you back to that bygone world. The game has already garnered some rave reviews following its release on May 12, 2020, by developer Easy Trigger Games and publisher Coffee Stain Publishing, and it looks like it is here to stay.

The shooting side-scroller revolves around the criminal underworld, with hooligans oozing out onto the streets and making their mark everywhere, that even the cops dare cross. In this criminally infested dystopian world, bounty hunters are the real saviors, and there are the three revered bounty hunters, any of whom you can choose to play. You have Anna Conda, an ex-commando; John Sawyer, a half-robot who was a cop; and Mow Man, a probe droid and a vicious hunter. Dressed as any one of the characters, you will have to kill your way to earn big and also save the streets from malicious characters and gangs.

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A walkthrough of the Huntdown gameplay

Huntdown presents old-school straightforward gameplay, where you can shoot your way along the horizontal plane alone without having to worry about bullets coming at you from different directions. The 2D setup fixated along a single direction also makes it easier for you to cover yourself or fend off enemies that you come across. Huntdown can also be broken down into five broad chapters, each with five unique gangs to tackle with. The game further divides into levels and goes up to level 20. Unique gangs from motorcycle gangs to martial artists come up across different stages, with difficulty ramping up at each level.

Besides the numerous criminals that come your way, there are the gang bosses you have to encounter, whom you may also find intimidating. But these boss fights can get quite interesting and gratifying when you come out victorious, with the added bounty rewards. As satisfying as it is to see enemies go down with your bullets or hits, earning rewards for doing just that tops it all.

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You can play the game solo or in local co-op mode, whichever you fancy, either way, it all boils down to the common objective of beating down these miscreants. And there are multiple ways to do that, you can seize or collect all sorts of weapons from your opponents, like grenades, machine guns, katanas, and so on. It becomes all the more convenient when you attack back specific gangs with specific arms. When you defeat your enemies, the game not only lets you progress to the next levels but also rewards you with fruitful bounty.


Huntdown, at first glance, can look like one of the generic arcade games, but on a closer look, it shows modified gameplay mechanics and engrossing storyline. The multifaceted game gets more gripping with colorful characters thrown in, including the three protagonists and troublemakers of different kinds. With different character options at hand and the diverse range of weapons you can get your hands on, you have innumerable ways to dispose of your opponents. There is a lot to learn and upgrade from the different levels, but once you get the hang of the tactics or strategies and find your rhythm, the game will be all in your hands.

Artistic visual graphics and animation

Aside from the gameplay, the visually appealing graphics, artfully hand-drawn, clearly add to the nostalgic vibe that is intended for the players. The mini pixelated characters are given their unique persona by adding comic one-liners to the scripted voiceovers, which makes the game even more interesting and fun. The excellent '80s themed synthwave soundtrack combined with the superb game pace provides a smooth experience for the players.

Image Credit: Huntdown

Before you go ahead and play the game, you can also watch the official Huntdown trailer here. Huntdown in all its glorious visuals and simple yet interesting gameplay, crammed with action-packed levels, is the game you're looking for if you're into retro arcade shoot 'em ups. This one takes a spot amongst the top of its category. You will undoubtedly find yourself fully engaged in this enthralling and nostalgic experience. It will also leave you wanting to go back to the game over and over again. Upgrade your skills with each level as you find yourself in possession of different weapons to tackle different enemies.


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