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About the Doom Franchise

Doom Eternal is part of the Doom series of games from the popular gaming firm ID software. The Doom series is one of the most popular gaming series. The games are first-person shooters involving a central character referred to as Doomguy, who is a marine. The forces of Hell containing a variety of demons have to be battled to win the game. The popular game Wolfenstein 3D is believed to the precursor for this game series. The first game of this series Doom was released in 2003. There were many releases in this series that has seen more than 10 million copies being sold. A game named again as Doom was released in 2016 and was a reboot of the series. A sequel to this reboot is Doom Eternal.

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Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal is the fifth game in the Doom series. It is a sequel to Doom (2016) and features the eponymous game character Doom Slayer. The game is all about how demons have taken over Earth and the efforts of the hero in ridding Earth of demons. Like in the rest of the series, the game involves action and is a first-person shooter. It is a single-player game that also offers multiplayer options for players to play with others. The game was released in March 2020 and, within a month, saw sales of more than 3 million copies. This made it the top-selling Doom game in the series.

The game received positive reviews from critics and players. It has been released currently for the Pc, PS4, Xbox One, and Stadia platforms. A Nintendo Switch version is believed to be under development. The game is created by iD software, the original creators of the Doom series. iD is one of the most well-known names in the gaming industry, having created some of the most iconic games ever like Commander Keen, Wolf-3D, Dangerous Dave, and Quake. Bethesda Softworks is the publisher of this game.

The game plot, characters, and storyline

The game characters

Similar to the rest of the series, Doom Eternal features a main character who is the hero of the game, who takes on the forces of Hell. The hero is referred to as the Doom Slayer. There are not many other characters in the game other than the hero and a host of villains. Keeping with the game tradition, there are many demons to be battled. Some of the demons from the previous games make a comeback. There are also new demons like Marauder and Doom Hunter, who prove to be tough to beat. Khan Maykr and the Icon of Sin are the main bosses of the game who Doom Slayer has to kill to finish the game.

What is the game about?

The game story continues from the 2016 version. Demons have taken over Earth and wiped out most of the people. Earth is now under the control of the villainous UAC (United Aerospace Corporation). The ARC or Armored Response Coalition are the survivors who have joined hand to try and save Earth from the demons. The game starts with the Doom Slayer return to Earth in an AI satellite fortress. The game’s first fight features the Doom slayer taking on the hell priests who work for Khan Maykr. VEGA is the AI that guides the hero through the game by helping him find key objects needed.

The next phase of the game involves the hero traveling to Hell to get a power source. The Doom Slayer has to find the remaining priests who escaped and kill them. The scene then shifts to Mars. We learn during the game that Doom Slayer is none other than Doomguy, the original hero of the Doom series. There is a bit of history of the main character revealed in the game. Meanwhile, Khan Maykr has decided to resurrect a super demon named Icon of Sin. If this demon is resurrected, it will lead to the complete destruction of mankind.

Doom Slayer now has to stop Khan Maykr from executing her plan. The hero now has to attack the main city of Hell Nekravol to stop Maykr. The rest of the game features Doom Slayer’s fights with various demons as he struggles to stop Maykr from re-awakening the Icon of Sin. Can the Doom Slayer stop Khan Maykr? Is the Icon of Sin activated? Can Doom Slayer prevent the destruction of mankind? The answers to all these questions can be found by completing Doom Eternal.


The Doom series has featured an array of weapons, from the chainsaw to massive guns through which you can blow off your enemy. The trend continues in Doom Eternal, where you have access to some of the top guns like the Super Shotgun, Rocket launcher, BFG 9000, Energy Sword, and the Doomblade attached to the arm. You need to keep moving ahead in the game, always on the watch out for enemies. Pick up new weapons, pick up ammo, pick up health, and keep massacring enemies before they get you. Some new gameplay features introduced in this version include wall climbing and swinging on bars. Unlike the earlier games, it's not all slam-bang stuff – you need to think and use tactics to defeat the enemy.

As you keep moving in the game, it becomes tougher and tougher. To defeat the top bosses, you need to plan your tactics and get the right kind of weapons for it. Generally, when you die in the game, you come back to life at the previous save point. This game has an option where you can respawn right where you died. To do this, you need special items (green helmets) that you need to collect in the game. This allows you to play the game smoothly; else, you have to redo things again, which can become boring and a big problem in the higher levels. Also, instead of killing the demon, you can damage vital parts to make them weak.

This new feature is called ‘Destructible Demons.’ You can destroy parts of their body gradually; this will make them weaker and disable some of their strengths. If used properly, it can be a great advantage in higher levels. There are new abilities and weapons that add more spice to the game. The ice bomb freezes enemies where they are. Like the rest of the series, combat is a key gameplay element. The new options, combined with the existing features, make it a great action game. The combat style has changed, and you need to change weapons during the fight to get the right result. Some demons require a particular weapon and tactics play a key role in the game now.

In the multiplayer mode, you have multi-round matches where two demons take on one Doom slayer. This is where you test your skills against players from across the world. There are five playable demons with special abilities, and you can play this game as a demon taking on the slayer. There is a very interesting mode planned, where you can enter the single-player game being played by someone else as a demon and take them on. The new features have added a zing to this popular game.

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Game features

The features of Doom Eternal tell you all you need to know about this game:

· Doom Eternal continues from where the 2016 version ended and features the eponymous character who has to defeat demons to save Earth.
· There are many new demons to battle and a host of new weapons to help you.
· The game involves the use of tactics. It is no longer shoot and scoot. You need to plan your attack and implement it properly; else, the top bosses will wipe you out.
· The game is available in the single-player mode and also a multiplayer Battlemode, where you play online with players from across the world.
· There is a well-defined storyline and clear missions to be completed. As you go through them, you will be taken to the final fight with the big bosses.
· You now have the ability to respawn at the same spot you died, with the right kind of resources.
· Your player is now stronger, faster, with more resources. Playing this all-time favorite is more fun.


For those who have been playing Doom for a long time, this is a game not to be missed. You will enjoy the continuation of the theme of battling demons with new weapons and combat styles. There is a well-defined story and more powerful bosses to fight. The use of combat styles upgrades the game, making it more interesting and not just all about mindless shooting. If you have not played Doom before, don’t worry! This game will help you understand what this great game franchise is all about. An iconic game is back with great new features, and it is a must-play.

Game trailer

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