Drift Away With ‘Arcadia: A Pastoral Tale’, Play It For Free Right Now

Arcadia: A Pastoral Tale
Arcadia: A Pastoral Tale

Jonas Kyratzes is probably the most under appreciated thinker in the indie scene right about now. Each of his games contain a remarkable amount of intelligence hidden within them; it’s clear that the developer puts a lot of thought into them. His latest, a text-based adventure called Arcadia: A Pastoral Tale, holds on to this ever-present fervor that so uniquely embalms his games.

It’s hard to talk about Arcadia without spoiling it too much. It’s gentle, beautiful and elegant as it takes your hand and soothes you through its journey of lyrical and playful words. It’s the kind of thing that lowly journalists, ahem, often dream about creating in their own writing. Sentiment lines each sentence and the various choices you make inside the text are conducted more by ideas of sensory pleasure. Ideas of ensnared beauty often dictate the direction of the adventure too.

I had to pick at least one line out of the many magical ones within Arcadia, so I picked the one below, simply because it elicits the fragility of our lives:

“making you deeply aware of the infinite beauty of the moment, and aware also of its fragile, fleeting nature in the great onrushing river of Time.”

You can play Arcadia: A Pastoral Tale over on Kyratzes’ official website and we highly recommend that you do. But don’t rush it, take your time and take it all in.

You can check out the rest of Kyratzes’ games over on his official website and please donate some money to the guy for his work, he deserves it.

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