Freebie: ‘Coca T’

Stephen Lavelle, or increpare as some of you may better know him, has released a new game called Coca T as a tribute to Lexaloffle’s Neko Puzzle.

There aren’t many developers who can make an engaging game out of a black background and a few straight lines. Luckily, Increpare is certainly one of them. Coca T takes inspiration from Neko Puzzle in as much as you can only use the four points of your arrow keys to move about the lines. Your task is to use all of the lines by travelling along them, however, make the wrong move and you’ll cut off a valid path – mostly it’s a game of trial and error.

Despite having no clear instruction other than the controls, Coca T makes sense almost immediately. You’ll move your circular avatar along the lines, deleting them as you go and after just a little bit of experimentation you’ll soon understand the idea of the game. Once you do grasp the basics of the game, there’s nothing more to it and you’ll probably fly through its first four levels. Only on the very last level, the fifth one, did I get stuck at all.

Despite the short playtime with Coca T, it still feels like a great little game, merely for its simplicity. It’s reminiscent of games you might play with friends or siblings on a rainy day with just paper and pen to entertain you, making something out of nothing. My only hope was that the game randomized its levels on replays, alas, it doesn’t so there’s no reason to replay. I feel as if I would have though if the game did randomly generate its levels though.

You can play Coca T over on this page and be sure to check out the many other games that increpare constantly spouts on the official website.


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