Freebie: ‘Nimble Lord’

Sergey Bobrov is a Russian hobbyist game developer and he released his latest creation, a 2D RPG of sorts called Nimble Lord, just a few days ago.


Nimble Lord is a fairytale but not one for kids, this is more of a dark fairytale designed for adults, though kids would no doubt enjoy it too. You play as the Lord of Potatoes who is out to quell the efforts of the Evil Carrot as she attempts to take down out starchy hero. Sergey says one of the things he wanted to inject into the game is a sense of humor – no shit!


So anyway, Nimble Lord has a very unique artstyle, almost like cloth or a similar material, it definitely gives the game a tactility. The gameplay consists of fighting through magical forests, deep caves, pitted secret passages, stone castles. You start off with a katana and a bow with explosive-tipped arrows to fight the varied enemies and as you progress you’ll come across new items such as weapons and armor.


That’s about all there is to the game to be honest but it’s free and it’s worth giving a go at least. Without further ado, here is the download link, but before you go flying off, let us give you a tip.


When you download the game the default language will be Russian, so unless you speak it you’re going to want to change that. You can do this by opening up the game folder and going into the INI file. There you’ll see the “main” file, double click on that and you’ll see a little list of things and lots of zeroes on the right hand side. Go down the list until you see “20,Language” and follow it across until you get to its series of zeroes. Then, delete the first 0 and replace it with a 1, this will make the game read in English. To be honest though, you’re not missing out a lot if you don’t change the language anyway.


More information on Nimble Lord can be found on the game’s official website.


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