Going Deeper Underground With ‘Knytt Underground’

Knytt Underground screenshot (2)
Knytt Underground screenshot (2)

The Knytt action platforming series has been going for a little while now with two previous titles ( Knytt and Knytt Stories) that have developed a following and an established story.

Nifflas’ Games have taken this series and developed the latest version Knytt Underground, and it really seems to of made quite the leap in development. Jumping from the cutesy yet very basic 2D style in the original two titles Knytt Underground really looks to be on a whole new level of visual development.

Knytt Underground screenshot (3)

In this Knytteration the humans have left this planet after decimating it in war many years ago. All that is left is supernatural beings such as Sprites and Fairies which now inhabit the mysterious tunnels underground.

You are tasked with delving below the surface and into these elaborate tunnels to aid the fairies living below. Your quest will lead you through these many wondrous caves in a unique zen-like gameplay and of course all manner of interesting dynamic characters to meet.

Knytt Underground screenshot (5)

Expect to encounter 1,800 rooms offering many story-driven quests that will test you problem solving ability as you try to figure out along with introduce you to various parts of the story.

Knytt Underground was released on the PlayStation store in American on the 18th of December and has just been released today in the European PlayStation store. What is great is that Nifflas’ Games are offering the game as a cross purchase title, meaning if you buy it for your PS3 you will also get the Vita version for free. This is one of the first third party games to offer this new feature and should make your purchase go that bit further.

Knytt Underground is available for £9.99 in the UK, €12.99 in the EU and $14.99 in the US on the store. However if you are a PlayStation Plus member in the EU you can pick up the game for free for a limited time after launch.

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