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Studgame is an excellently created gay porn game for the gay lover inside us all, even the ones that don't want to admit it!

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What can I say, we are about to get gay, real fuckin gay because I just reviewed a gay porn game called Studgame and there was a whole lot of cocksucking and butt fucking going on! I have to admit I am not all that into these kind of games as they never seem to get it quite right. Mostly it is assumed that we want to shove our hard cock up every dude's asshole and bust nuts all day, then fuck each other's faces till we blow everywhere.

Truth is we need love too, we want to be wined and dined and treated like a lady, we want affection and cuddling and we…. lol oh who am I kidding, fuck all that! Ramming a hard cock up a nice tight pink man butt is precisely what the fuck I want to do, and I want to do it all day every day, so that's why this game hits a home run in more ways than one!

Right from the beginning, you get to build your stud, and as fucked up as it may seem, not every man wants a lean, ripped model to fuck. Some of us want a beautiful dad bod with a long swinging dick to suck on and fuck us like we did something wrong. Long story short, it was nice to see those options there. I played with all the body types, and we took turns ramming cocks and sniffing socks! Ahhhhh, love the smell of dirty man feet, don't you? Like your guys bald or hairy? You get to choose that too!

The option for single player or online gameplay where tons of fuckers from all over the planet exist, which is excellent if you want to run around fucking each other up the scoot chute while flapping your pud muffin at your desk on real life! I like the attention to detail in the big throbbing cocks, especially when they blow a load, and you can see every vein and muscle pulsating, mmmm yummy! Snacks for days!

If your computer is up to date pretty decently, the game runs smoothly. I didn't notice any lag or glitches, and I wanted to get right to the fucking. At the beginning of this game, after you build your stud to your sick fuck expectations, usually with a huge cock because that's how you like em and you know it, then you choose your scenario. Your stud starts with one significant talent. Then as you play on or fuck on, more abilities are unlocked. I played long enough to end up in a cock train. There were well over 30 up us with dicks up our asses and our dicks up the asses in front of us all fucking and busting nuts.

Since I chose the multiplayer online mode, I could hear all the other dudes, including the guy from India on the end who didn't quite know how to curse correctly, so kept saying “Fuck your mother yes cum put your ass in my ass!” over and over LOL! At least he was enjoying himself, and it was rather hot because I'm gross like that!

It all looks real as fuck, and they even start sweating after a while. You can move your mouse as if you are thrusting, and it's all in real-time, so leave one hand on the mouse and the other on your rock-hard goober and get ready for an excellent studly fuckfest. This one is going to keep you busy, so lock the door, put some headphones on and get your balls to rolling! There is nothing to download, it works in your browser, and it's ready to go as soon as you create your stud, aka avatar, and click through to the talent you want first.

I would suggest the “Huge Load” option as it seems to kinda skip through the other skills needed and puts you several steps ahead, a cute little hack I found right from the start. If you like dicking down younger guys go for the high school setting lol, that was LOADS of fun as I had them lined up on the lockers, and I just went down the line making them all deepthroat me then I went back down the line in the other direction and tore all their tight ass holes up!

Like I said before, I wasn't keen on the idea of an adult porn game in the gay setting, as I have never seen it done right. I do love gay sex, but this is the first game that lived up to my expectations, which are pretty damn high. It is pretty incredible just how realistic that this sex game is. If your partners can't keep up then fuck them so hard that you knock them into the corner, then listen to them complaining in your headset about their gaping burning assholes or cumming too early, that's not your fault lol, unless you want it to be.

Studgame is a solid two balls rolling for me as it let me be in control and also let me take it up the dairy hole when I started feeling like the lady that I am. Not that it's any of your business, but I am wearing red panties as I am writing this with my hard cock hanging out the side for you, LOL! Do you want to suck on it, you fucken pervert? Lol. Give Studgame a whirl, and once you are in look for me if I am online, we will fuck and suck each other while we listen to the guy from India in the background, it will be a blast, all over each other's faces!

8.5Expert Score
Studgame is a rod ramming real-time gameplay experience that will leave your sack drained!
Designed to make your gay stud fuckfest as personal as I have ever seen in any adult gameplay yet all in real time! With tons of options and superb live animation gay fucking fun!
  • Extremely realistic gameplay
  • Multiplayer online mode
  • Real-time virtual character manipulation
  • Tons of fucking scenarios
  • Silly Music In Some Scenes
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