An Arty Postmodern RPG? Pink Sky Rainbow Announce ‘#FFFF00′

Pink Sky Rainbow have announced their next project and it’s a little unusual (which is clearly a good thing), #FFFF00 is an RPG with an arty twist.

Probably one of the games most deserving of being described as an ‘oxymoron’ is #FFFF00. Pink Sky Rainbow’s next project is an RPG like so many others but also nothing like them at all. How? Quite simply put, the game fuses two very contrasting genres.

RPG’s are commonly recognised for having a rule set, more so than probably any other type of game out there. The rules of an RPG are pretty much what differentiates each of them. Arty games or art games or whatever you want to call them, conversely, are recognised for catering to interpretation above anything else; allowing the player a space to make up their own rules and thoughts. #FFFF00 combines the two.

So here it goes: #FFFF00 is set during modern times inside a completely explorable hotel. The game will begin with the character creation phase as usual and the rest of the game will play out from a top-down perspective, in much the same style as many JRPG’s apparently. There will be no party options, no leveling up, stat screens or any of that RPG jazz after the initial character creation process. There is a “totally original” RPG ruleset to #FFFF00 though this has not been divulged as of yet.

The visuals will make the game feel like a dream and they will flicker between “black and white hand drawn sketches, 8-bit graphics, photographies and so on” to give a weird vibe to the player – the intention of the experience. There is a plot that borrows elements from “postmodernism and “Murder & Mystery” novels” and will offer multiple endings. #FFFF00 will not take place in real time as such as the game will advance through phases like nightfall only at certain times, i.e. the player goes to sleep.

There’s no fighting in the game as such, but the player will talk and interact with various NPC’s and objects with a multiple choice menu. There is to be an enhanced moral system with no pre-defined good, bad of anything in between. This ensures that every NPC will respond differently according to their own views and the dream sequences the player will happen across will be generated so as to react to their decisions. This combined with the perks that the player chooses to customise their character will shape a unique personality.

Pink Sky Rainbow are still in the very early stages of development and are currently looking for “people who can draw and people who can make little shiny graphics for 2D videogames.” They expect to set up crowdfunding around October and the price of #FFFF00 is likely to be $7.

You can find out more information on #FFFF00 over on the developer’s official website.

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