Battle Among the Stars in Asteroid Fight

Fast-paced action, blazing across the void of space, that is what awaits players in Katta Games’s Asteroid Fight. Players battle one another among the stars in this competitive online action RTS. The goal  is to destroy the warp gate of the enemy team. Teamwork is key; players can aid their teammates by fighting, healing, building, or choose another specialized task.

However, roles are not predefined, meaning that it is up to the player to find which play style works best for them and their team. When a player gains XP they can use it to level their ship and their special abilities. Items fall in one of four different categories: control, attack, utility, and support. Every item has its own value and modifier. Variety is the spice of life, and players can enjoy a seemingly endless amount of it with around 1-million different ship configurations and endless item variations.

Asteroid Fight is expected to release sometime this year on Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux. The game is currently up for voting on Steam Greenlight. To learn more about the game and developer Katta Games visit their official website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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