Bigger and Badder: ‘EvilQuest 2′ Demo Footage Outed

Another round, lads?

That’s the angle Chaosoft are evidently gunning for with the revelation that EvilQuest 2, the sequel to their Japanese-inspired RPG that launched earlier this year, is in development as an entry into the 2012 Dream.Build.Play competition.

Like its predecessor, EvilQuest 2 will feature fast-paced real-time combat on a pseudo-16-bit world map that happens to be packed to bursting point with evil rabbits and blue globules who attempt to feast on the player’s succulent innards at every given turn. You’ll also be treated to multi-kill combos, special attacks and magic spells great and small.

To get us in the mood for some swashbuckling action, Chaosoft has released demo footage of an early build of the game, complete with a shredding guitar interlude.

The game takes place in the cosy confines of Aurora, a once-peaceful village that’s been under the kosh thanks to an obnoxious scamp of a warlord who’s apparently intent on destroying the world. However, the Heavens parted and down came a mysterious fellow who, according to an ancient legend, could be the difference maker in the village’s desperate struggle for survival. Players will take control of said stranger as he discovers the ins and outs of his newly-discovered surroundings, setting him off on a voyage of discovery, exploration and personal enlightenment. And stabbing things.

Further details on EvilQuest 2 are available in sparse quantities, but your best bet is to take a look at Chaosoft’s official website for a general synopsis.

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