BitMonster’s Upcoming Lili

BitMonster, a new indie studio composed of Epic Games veterans, has released their first teaser for their first game, Lili.  Lili will be an RPG adventure for iOs, using the Unreal Engine. Lill, the game’s introspective young protagonist, will explore lovely landscapes, meet interesting characters, battle enemies (in an unspecified non-combat way…. I hope it’s insult swordfighting!), and collect island items.

       It seems like every day there’s another industry-vets-go-indie press release in my inbox, but I’m quite interested in seeing what developers with such a strong Unreal Engine and AAA background do with next, as they move away from bro shooters like Gears of War into what looks like a story-driven, casual RPG.  BitMonster’s team is Lee Perry, Demond Rogers, Aaron Smith, Mikey Spano, Martin Swietzer, and Matt Tonks, all Epic Games alums.

    Also, BitMonster’s new Executive Production Management Director in Chief is an excellent hire for a key role in any game studio:

Many traditionalists might scoff at our choice for an Executive Production Management Director in Chief, but we learned quickly how effective a cat can be in such a well defined role. Lucky worked for several experimental game development studios prior to BitMonster. He may best be known for his cult hit game ‘fsdgkndg njjg kksnk’. His work in howling at closed doors and rattling the knobs when we need to have a meeting has revolutionized the BitMonster work environment. He’s also not opposed to crawling inside a Krispy Kreme box if nobody is paying attention.

Via BitMonster

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