Build And Defend Your Own Castle In New RTS ‘Castle Story’

Sauropod Studio have revealed their debut title, Castle Story, an impressive RTS that lets you build your own castle block-by-block and then tasks you with defending it from other players and monsters.

Taking place on a series of floating islands, Castle Story utilizes voxels to ensure a dynamic terrain; but this is no Minecraft clone. Rather, Castle Story operates more like a traditional RTS as you give out orders to the Bricktrons to build castles, collect resources and fight off monsters.

At the moment the game is still in a very early alpha stage but the developers have been keen to share their progress in a gameplay video and have been met with a very good response from internet users. Even the famous Notch was impressed by the game tweeting “Holy bags, Castle Story is looking amazing! I wish I had made it, haha. 😀

From what we can gather, Castle Story will also contain multiplayer as the developer mentions that the castle should be defended against monsters and “other players”. They have confirmed via their Twitter account that the game is built in the Unity 3D Engine and will therefore be coming to Windows and Mac. Make sure to check out the whole video below which contains not only the game’s pretty cool construction mechanics, but the more exciting destruction part of the game!

Find out more information on Castle Story by going to the official Sauropod Studio website.

Make sure to follow them on Twitter as well if you wish to stay on top of the updates.

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