Tiyuri Unveils His Upcoming Game ‘Starbound’

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‘GameMaker: Studio’ – Lord Over The Pixels

A famous line from the 1996 movie Jerry Maguire was, “…You had me at hello.” Well, with video games, for me personally, it all started with one sprite (and presumedly one pixel) that mesmerized me in much the same way. A solitary little white square ...

IGM Readers Choice: The Best Indie Games of the Year 2012

Welcome to IGM’s 3rd Annual Game of the Year Awards. Last year we got an awesome response to our reader’s choice awards and polled over 1550 readers. This year the votes poured in and more than doubled. Over 4050 (unique) readers voted for their ...

Indie Intermission Day 17 – ‘Woodle Tree’

Today I will be looking at a game that is slightly longer than the general submissions even if it is just a demo, the playtime is fairly substantial but should not rack up more than one hour. Woodle Tree is a great looking game full of classic ...

Indie Marketing 101: The Right (And Wrong) Ways To Market Your Indie Game

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Hands-on With ’80s Cyberpunk Shooter Defragmented

  I am a huge fan of 1980s-based scifi. Something about that particular brand of synth music, over the top gore, and ridiculous science fiction premises just fills me with joy. When Boston game developer Glass Knuckle Games told me about ...

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