Indie Intermission Day 17 – ‘Woodle Tree’

Today I will be looking at a game that is slightly longer than the general submissions even if it is just a demo, the playtime is fairly substantial but should not rack up more than one hour. Woodle Tree is a great looking game full of classic platforming capers from the '90s being developed by Ferrara Fabio a developer from Milan.

Woodle Tree just looks fantastic, the level design is impeccable, full of great characters and colors with a great fun factor. Woodle Tree reminds me greatly of the obvious Mario 64 along with Zelda styled throwbacks (the tree really did remind me greatly of the Deku tree) and of course, these references and design choices are always welcome because they were fantastic games.

Woodle Tree shows a great level of promise in a new era of classic-styled platformers with some great elements and you really cannot play this game without a smile on your face. There are a few shortcomings however with the first being the camera is fixed which is a little annoying and it seems to switch angles when you die at certain parts, this makes the game a whole new level of challenge when you can barely see what you are doing. Also, the enemies feel a little pointless maybe they can be increased in frequency or kept in low numbers but made more formidable.

Finally, I would like to see some use coming out of the bag of apples as it just grows and becomes far too big so maybe including the ability to throw apples at enemies or use them as “life force”, either would add a little extra to the game.

Average Completion time – Less than one hour

The Woodle Tree demo can be downloaded here, with the full game scheduled for release in November. Woodle Tree is well worth your time just as a nice relaxing game, even if I am awful at platformers I found it difficult to stay mad at this charming little game for too long. You can also follow Ferrara Fabio's blog here.

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