Celestian Tales: Old North Returns to Kickstarter

Celestian Tales: Old North Returns to KickstarterJenn Stille on March 3, 2014 at 4:00 pm

Just two days into their Kickstarter relaunch, Ekuator Games is over halfway towards reaching their goal to create Celestian Tales: Old North. It is an RPG where your moral choices, questionable decisions, and faith will determine what the future looks like for you and your people. The game spans over three decades, and the characters and lands change over time.

The game will occur in three separate parts containing six to eight hours of gameplay each. DRM-Free and available for PC, Mac, and Linux, Clestian Tales: Old North will be first released in late 2014 and be done completely by mid-2015. After a failed Kickstarter attempt in July-August of 2013, Ekuator Games has updated their hand-drawn visuals and are pushing forward with the newest Kickstarter.

The storyline for Celestian Tales is far different from the typical hero-venture of an RPG; Barbaric marauders have pillaged towns and murdered many of the inhabitants. During this time, six nobles from different families were sent to serve under one House and join together on the battlefield. Players begin their journey as a youth joining into knighthood. As decisions and decades pass, people change and emotions shift in the wake of tragedies. As the kickstarter notes, “The path of life has many branches; it is up to you to pick which to tread.”

Celestian Tales: Old North contains six playable characters with multiple arcs, puzzles, and turn-based combat infused with a variety of character class customization, allowing for a lot of replayability.  The combat system is influenced by games like Final Fantasy and Grandia, combining turn-based combat and personal customization to fit your unique battle style.

Backers for the Kickstarter’s Complete Edition will receive Part One of Celestian Tales when it is released in late-2014, and will be able to add on to the game when it’s ready.  Any added side stories or non-cosmetic contents released will be available at no additional cost.  All non-digital rewards are Kickstarter-exclusive to the project and will not be released anywhere else.

Celestian Tales: Old North is on Kickstarter with a goal of $30,000 NZD, with a campaign that will run until April 2.  There is a prototype of the game available, as well as further information on Ekuator Games’ website.

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