Dev Links: Artificial Hands

Today’s Developer Links include stories on demos, starting out with board games and the GameHorizon Investment Summit.

Nintendo, Sony, Kickstarter and Sega to meet with indies at September’s GameHorizon Investment Summit (VG247)
“GameHorizon, the yearly conference geared towards the business of gaming has expanded to with the GameHorizon Investment Summit. It’s a chance for indies to openly pitch their games to Nintendo, Sony XDev, Kickstarter and Sega in September.”

Good Morning Gato # 123 – A Trip to The Best Coast (Ska Studios)
“One of the things we flew to Redmond for was to participate in not one but two streams on the Microsoft Studios channel last Monday. If you missed the streams or just want to look at our adorable faces again, the streams are archived.”

I’m Writing a Book. You Can Help. (The Psychology of Video Games)
“I’ve spent the last few weeks writing a big, formal proposal for a book about the psychology of video games –about 10,000 words1 describing the idea, why I’m the person to write the book, the target audience, the competition, how I’ll market and promote it, and detailed descriptions of all chapters. I’ve also got a complete sample chapter that looks at what anonymity and freedom from consequences do to us wile playing games online.”

The Video Game Kicktarter Report – Week of June 28 (Zeboyd Games)

Game demos halve sales, new data suggests (CVG)
“Trailers without hands-on opportunities may lead to the biggest commercial success”

Tales from the Dev Side: Why Boardgames are a Great First Game by Sean Colombo (Indie Gamer Chick)
“After Indie Gamer Chick said that our game, Hive, was the best game since Tetris, she brought up that there seem to be a decent number of game developers starting out by making video versions of board games. It was no accident that I chose to start with our first major offering being a board game. There are quite a few advantages of starting your game company with board games, and today I’m going to share some of them because it’s IGC’s anniversary and I’m an Indie Game Developer so I’m too cheap/skinflint to buy her team a real gift.”

Itty Bitty Titans, Ugly Baby UI, and Heroes (Dejobaan Games)
“This week, the Drunken Robot Pornography (DRP) team worked on the upcoming build. Amy, Dan, Elliot, Ichiro, Jon, and Ryan all contributed some new content, and the polish is still drying. While that happens, lets look at some sexy new stuff from DRP and some new concept UI stuff from Drop That Beat Like an Ugly Baby (UB).”

Feedback Friday: Shark Rider v0.19 (Arges Systems)
“We’re starting to replace the placeholder graphics, but there’s still quite a few in there. I’d love to hear what you think about the game itself.”


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