Dev Links: Beaming With Pride

Today’s Developer Links include several game developments and announcements, as well as another controversy with Steam Greenlight.

Valve to indies seeking publisher deals to bypass Greenlight: “do not split your royalties with a publisher expecting an automatic ‘Yes’.” (PCGamesN)
“Steam Greenlight, Valve’s process for approving indie and user submitted games on Steam, has once again found itself at the center of controversy, this time over an indie shooter named Paranautical Activity.”

Intro to User Analytics (Gamasutra)
“A reprint from the May 2013 issue of Gamasutra’s sister publication Game Developer magazine, this article polls developers to find out about the challenges and opportunities around developing for Android in 2013.”

We just sent out this press release, officially announcing our new game. (Tale of Tales)
“Tale of Tales are currently working on a new release entitled Luxuria Superbia. They hope to release the game for iOS and Android this summer and for PC and Mac in the fall.”

News on the new RPGs in development (Winter Wolves)
“Let’s talk about RPGs! It was a while since I showed something about Planet Stronghold: Warzone. Being a bigger game than previous ones there has been some troubles developing it, but luckily now the development seems to be going at good pace. Making RPGs is very hard, sometimes I forget it.”

Feedback Friday: Shark Rider 0.16 (Arges Systems)
“So… here’s a small game we’ve been working on, partly because I wanted to do a one-button game and partly to test a 2D workflow. It’s a bit of a crazy idea that came out of my misinterpreting a comment that Kevin Cerdà from Beautifun Games made during Casual Connect, where I thought he was going to announce a game called “Shark Rider” (which it turned out was actually a reference to this Buttersafe comic).”

While (True); (Terry Cavanagh)
“My new game Halting Problem is shaping up really well! I think I’ve been a bit cryptic in descriptions of the game so far, so I thought it was time to say something more concrete. In Halting Problem, you solve puzzles by creating infinite loops.”

200K Performers in BattleBlock Theater! (The Behemoth)
“It feels like BattleBlock Theater released just last month…oh, right! It did. Since its release on April 3rd, the game has made over 200,000 BBT owners into performing gem collectors in our theater run by technologically advanced evil felines. We couldn’t have made it this far without the support of the fans, so THANK YOU. We hit 200K on the leaderboards earlier today. Yay!”

Some Democracy 3 simulation changes (Positech Games)
“Sooo… it REALLY helps to talk over your game design with other people, especially as a lone indie. I sit here shivering in the small dark basement I program in sipping tea in my luxurious gilded office, and realize that I am alone in a bubble of game design where other peoples input goes unheard. So after a brief chat about the design with someone else, I’ve realized I need to make two changes to the simulation stuff.”


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