Dev Links: Bony Bushidō

In today’s Developer Links: effective game producers, releasing for multiple platforms, accounting for the best players in the world.  Also, Anna Anthropy talks about using a human butt as a game peripheral.

The Best Players In The World (Mommy’s Best Devlog)
How do the best players in the world, play your game? Or how *will* they play your game (if it’s still in development)? I think coming at your design from the ‘best players in the world’ angle can shed light on some possible gaps.”

10 Tips: Increasing The Effectiveness Of Producers (Gamasutra)
“If any single role in game development could lay claim to being the glue holding projects together, it’s that of the producer. It’s the producers’ job to steer the project, manage workflows and generally work to keep everything on track. But while producers are an established part of game development process, it is a role that is far from fixed.”

arse talk (Auntie Pixelante)
“so the theme of arse electronika, an annual conference about sex and technology, was “games” this year. they gave me a lifetime achievement award. it was a plastic model of a black knight on a horse. the thing took place at the kink dot com armory, which is gross. i wore a sparkly skirt i found at a thrift store for four dollars yesterday. i gave the speech below.”

Good Morning Gato # 99 – 99 Red Gato Balloons (Ska Studios)
“Fun fact: Charlie Murder currently contains nearly nine thousand sprites and Gato does not care.  Want to see some PAX pictures?  They’re after the break!”

Would You Pay To Have Your App Reviewed? (AltDevBlogADay)
“Certainly, over the years and with the rise of the internet there’s been much more talk of review sites and publications taking money in exchange for their reviews. It’s hard not to look at a review score on a site that’s pretty much one giant advertisement for this game or another and wonder how much money has exchanged hands prior to the review being written, and how could that not on some level influence the review in question. The internet seems to be in general agreement. Accepting money from game makers for reviews could potentially compromise that review and is, to put it bluntly, a bad thing. Then there’s app review sites.”

17-Bit’s Borut Pfeifer: Navigating the Choppy Platform Waters (Pocket Tactics)
“We’ve been in development for three years, which seems like a lot – but we’ll be one of the first games available for Windows 8. At launch, the game will be out on Xbox Live Arcade, Windows Phone, and the somewhat controversial Windows 8 store. It will also be the first game to feature asynchronous gameplay across all those Xbox Live platforms. What brought us to that point, launching on three platforms with only two fulltime programmers?”

Art Asset Overview: Comic Week (Wolfire Blog)
“First, I want to thank everyone who encouraged me to finally finish this comic update. Thanks also to everyone who patiently waited over the last year. Although this update isn’t perfect, I am mostly happy with how it came out, and I hope everyone enjoys it! Recently I have been trying to get this finished so that I can finally stop thinking about it and focus on the actual game!”

Indie Tools: Game-o-Matic (
“Game-o-Matic is an incredibly ambitious tool, that actually tries to create any game you may want, without you programming, scripting or even designing anything.”


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