Dev Links: Dead Screens

The takeaway from today’s Developer Links is to try something new.  Find a niche to fill with your indie games.  Instead of making a store, think outside the box and try to come up with a way to let players find games.  A developer contemplates trying out a different genre.  And don’t be afraid of developing for the Wii U.

Molyneux To Indies: Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment (Gamasutra)
“In a MIGS keynote that had to be delivered via Skype, 22Cans’ Peter Molyneux made no apologies about Curiosity, stating that while it was maybe a ‘mistake’ to launch the project when they did, game developers ‘owe it to the billion consumers out there with phones to be brave with our experiments.’”

Post-Shrink Screenshots (The Witness)
“As mentioned in the previous post, we shrank the island a bit. Here is what things look like now. They may not look tremendously different from this off-island vantage point, but when you are down there moving around, the difference is substantial. I feel a lot better about the layout now.”

The Perils Of Rapid Growth (Zeboyd Games)
“Here is an interesting article on one developer’s decision to go with freemium. Now I think his analysis had some major flaws but he did bring up some interesting points.”

Open Letter: Don’t Build A Store (Arges Systems)
“Ever since we launched Hairy Tales on Desura, I’ve been getting a few inquiries from people building their own indie-focused online stores, about adding the game to their roster. While this is very flattering, it misses one key point. Store fronts are not the problem, discovery is.”

Third Party Developers Take On The Wii U (Gamasutra)
“Nintendo platforms have a reputation for being… not so friendly for third-party developers. But Nintendo is hoping that its next-generation Wii U, launching this weekend, will come out of the gate with a reputation for hosting a variety of games, both from first parties and third parties. Gamasutra spoke with a handful of third-party developers working on Wii U launch and launch window titles, such as Aliens: Colonial MarinesDarksiders IIZombiUMass Effect 3, and others. It’s early on, but these developers are cautiously optimistic about the future of Nintendo’s unique new console, and the opportunities for third parties.”

Bionic Heart 2 And Moving Past Visual Novels (Computer Games)
“Right now I’m finishing Heileen 3, but I’m also working on two sci-fi games: Bionic Heart 2 and Planet Stronghold 2. As the title suggests, both are sequels. Bionic Heart was one of my first visual novel, and if I compare the artwork and the writing of that first title with the new one, the difference is immediately noticeable:”

Wanted: Coder (distractionware: devlog)
“Hey all! I’m looking for another coder for a contract job. Here’s the deal:”

The Video Game Kickstarter Report – Week of November 16 (Zeboyd Games)
“This week has been fairly quiet as far as new kickstarters, however there are a few that have caught my attention.”


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