Dev Links: Secret War

Today’s Developer Links discuss scheduling a game release, Steam’s Early Access program and more disappointment directed at Microsoft’s indie policies.

Scheduling a game release (Positech Games)
“This is a tough call. When I was a newcomer to indie game development, making smaller budget games with fewer sales, I used to think we had a huge advantage over the AAA guys. A triple A game (in almost *all* circumstances) HAS to ship in a specific month. They do this because the ad-buy has been scheduled, the contracts for PR people have been written, the availability of release slots for portals and platform holders is agreed, the finances are in place to pay everyone assuming that is the ship date, and so on… So what happens if the game is not fun two months before release? TOUGH.”

Curve disappointed in Xbox One’s indie approach (Games Industry)
“Developer and publisher Curve has released a statement expressing its disappointment in Microsoft’s approach to indie development on its new console, the Xbox One. “XBLA was a trailblazer last generation, so it’s sad to see Microsoft not announcing dedicated support for independent developers on the Xbox One,” said MD Jason Perkins.”

Steam Early Access: From Underdogs to Alpha Dogs (Games Industry)
“In the past few years, there’s been a sharp rise in the number of alternate funding and distribution options available to developers. Of those, Kickstarter has been the king of the hill when it comes to crowd-sourced funding. The site allows studios to reach out directly to fervent fans and ask them to be a part of the development of titles that normally would not get a shot at life.”

May Technical Status Update: Building Interiors, Workshops, Outlines, Hidden Work (Gaslamp Games)
“Things are slowly coming together. Some new developments have occurred in programmer town, and we are delighted to finally show you what we spent the past month-and-a-half doing.”

Witchqueen (Auntie Pixelante)
“A truetype font for all of your sinister incantations and lists of unholy regents.”

Behold: The Mountain Biome! (Big Robot)
“We’re currently adding some new environments to the world, this is the first one: mountains!”

Undead Lily gameplay (Winter Wolves)
“How is Undead Lily going to play? I think the best definition is a mix between a strategy game and a RPG. I mentioned CCG (Collectible Card Game) before, but to be fair I don’t plan to have 200+ cards/avatars like those games do.”

SDCC 2013 – Set Up Photos (The Behemoth)
“We’re almost set and ready for the opening of Preview Night at Comic Con tonight! Just a few more hours to go until doors open.”

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