Doom Eternal coming to Xbox One in March, 2020

A demon has invaded the Earth. The invasion has rendered thousands and millions of people dead. Destruction is in every corner you turn. The Earth is bleeding from the blood of the many killed. You, the Doom Slayer, need to take action and you need to take action right now. Rip and tear through intergalactic worlds and find out your origins and slay the demons that have wreaked havoc all around the world.

Developed by id Software and published by Bethesda Game Studios, Doom Eternal is the sequel to their previous venture, Doom. Doom has already won several awards for its gameplay and soundtrack. It will be interesting to note how Doom Eternal will fair all around the world amongst gamers and if it can gain the same popularity as its predecessor or not. The soundtrack of Doom Eternal adds to the pulse pounding action of the game and makes the gameplay more thrilling.

The amazingly gory graphics and colors make a great visual treat. The illustrations of every demon in Doom Eternal are very intricate and clear making it even more exciting to play the game since everything seems too real. The popping colors add to the intensity of the game. Killing demons and trying to save multiple worlds has never looked this spectacular before. Doom Eternal is coming to Xbox One and other platforms on 20th March, 2020. Wishlist the game and remember to get your hands on it because Doom Eternal is a game you simply cannot ignore and let go of.

Slay demons, raise hell, and save the worlds

You are only as good as the number of demons you can slay. One does not earn the title of demon slayer for nothing. To slay the monstrous and evil demons, the only way you have is to be as powerful as them. This is where high class tech and armored suits come into play. The Praetor Suit is an advanced demon killing armor that comes with the latest tech and weapons to slay even the most dangerous of monsters.

You can activate abilities such as Double Dash that enables you to move and run faster in the battlefield and during combat. Now, you are much more agile and versatile owing to the speed with which you move. However, speed is not the only thing which will bring you glory. This is where the latest weapon enhancements come into play. Super Shotgun’s new distance-closing Meat Hook attachment stands true to its name and hooks onto the flesh of your enemy demons. They cry out in pain and you get a better angle at shooting their brains out.

Your demon slaying abilities are further enhanced with the shoulder-mounted flamethrower which allows you to burn up your enemy demons and get you quick points on the demon slaying leaderboard. There is also the retractable wrist-mounted DOOM Blade which allows you to make quick bleeding action in close combat and is very useful when you need to inflict additional harm onto your enemies.

Killing your enemies also helps you gain more health, resources, and ammunition. This means that the more demons you slay the more powerful you will get. The number of demons just keeps increasing and you cannot stay at the same level without enhancing your powers. You need to get up and get going and stock up on as much ammunition as you can. If you run out of it, you will soon run out of your life too.

Enter battle mode and spell doom on your enemy demons

A host of demons and more have been classically featured in Doom Eternal. Some are the same as the ones from Doom while others are brand new killers. Some of these demons include Pain Elemental, Archvile, Arachnotron, DOOM Hunter, Marauder, and the Gladiator. Do not be faced by their dangerous names and even more dangerous abilities to kill you within seconds. You are the ultimate Doom Slayer and you have it in you to slay each and every one of these monsters. All you need to do is keep slaying and keep stocking up on the ammo.

The more dangerous weapons you get your hands on the more powerful you become. The world needs you now more than ever and it is your eternal responsibility to slay these demons that are the reason for the mass deaths and destruction. Will you be able to slay them and save the many worlds? Will you be able to become the ultimate Demon Slayer and prove your worth to go down in history as a celebrated hero? Only time will tell. Get your hands on Doom Eternal for Xbox One on 20th March, 2020 and find out your fate!


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