‘Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition’ Updates To Replicate Major PC Versions, First One Detailed

With the release of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition last week, those familiar with the PC version of the sandbox crafter would have realised that it the console has been treated to a much older version than the most up to date one. Fear not, as 4J Studios have announced that the XBLA version of the game will be getting continued updates:


“We’re aiming to update to the major PC releases – first one will be the equivalent of the PC Beta 1.7.3 version”, they said via Twitter.


As they mentioned the specific version which the game will be updated first, we can actually tell you what you can expect to see change in the Xbox 360 Edition. As follows:


  • Added pistons
  • Fixed clay generation
  • Flint and Steel or redstone is now required to trigger TNT
  • Fences can be stacked
  • Added Shears
  • Redstone wire now will connect to a repeater
  • Shears can be used to pick up leaf blocks
  • Shears can be used to shear sheep without hurting them
  • Sheep no longer drop wool from being punched, only from being killed when they are unsheared
  • New textures for Cobblestone and Brick blocks
  • Silverfish skin was added (for Beta 1.8)


So there you have it. There’s no release date on this first update but we imagine that it shall be sooner rather than later. Even better, you should be seeing regular updates in the future so that you’re not playing a version of Minecraft from yesteryear on your console.


More information on Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition can be found on the game’s official Xbox Live marketplace listing.


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