Event[0] – A Narrative/Exploration-Heavy Sci-Fi Thriller

Event[0] is a first person narrative exploration game, where you explore an abandoned space vessel and try to convince an A.I. computer to take the ship back to Earth. In order to communicate with the 70’s-esque computer, you’ll have to physically type your questions and demands on your keyboard. That’s right; you can actually talk to the computer. No matter what you type, it will respond to you.

The abandoned vessel holds clues to unraveling the mystery behind what happened to its crew; the A.I. computer screams inspiration from characters such as Hal from 2001: Space Odyssey,or GERTY from the film Moon. The vessel and electronics have a very 70’s style influence, though it hasn’t been said what time period Event[0] takes place in.

In order to enter certain rooms, or exit the ship into space itself, you’ll have to first communicate with the vessel’s computer, and it doesn’t seem like it’ll always respectively communicate back with you. Event[0] seems to be capitalizing heavily on the concepts of isolation and utter helplessness.

Event[0] is the product of an 11-person team, developed as student project at a French school named Enjmin. A release date has yet to be announced, but it is set to arrive on Mac and Windows.

You can check out the game’s official Twitter here.

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