Explore a Boundless World in Spheres

Sense of Place Games is currently developing Spheres, a project intended to exhibit a complete impression of flexibility. The title focuses on simple controls and collection-based objectives. Spheres is a “game of movement and freedom that draws upon the majesty of my surroundings and the places visited on my travels, filtered in equal parts through a love of physics and video games,” says Sense of Place Games’ Tim Leney.

In the game, players set out to explore an open world as they search for spheres of energy dropped from space. Environments aren’t fixed, however, as they will expand and react dynamically to the progress made by players. The spheres themselves, as well as other lifeforms, also react to gameplay decisions made by players throughout their journeys.

According to Sense of Place Games, “[gamers] will never reach an edge, forced objective or fail state in Spheres, so the narrative is created by what [they] do, where [they] go and what happens when [they] get there.”


Spheres entered development in 2014 but will require further production before the finished title is ready for release on Windows. No launch information is currently available, but development can easily be followed on the developer’s news feed. For additional information, check out Spheres on Facebook, Twitter, and the official website.s

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