Guide Animals Through a Dangerous Mission in Star Billions

Releasing on December 8th from Catch and Release games is decision-based space adventure Star Billions. Four artificial intelligences with different personalities and different ways of approaching situations are vying for control of their mission on the Little Brother ship, until a mysterious device lets them reach out across space to an impartial judge.

The game requires snap decision-making and has a narrative with the potential to be both comic and sad. The characters on the Little Brother spaceship are anthropomorphic animals, in the Animal Crossing style. To lead the crew as effectively as possible, the player must get to know the personality of each character. They can even spend time with them by playing an in-game retro shooter named ASTRO WHIZ!, which can also be played against other players.

Real-time notifications keep the player posted about the progress of their mission throughout the day. There are achievements and leaderboards available, which can enable game information to be unlocked, revealing more about the characters and what happened back on Earth.

Star Billions will be available on the App Store for iOS from December 8th. For more information you can check out the Star Billions website or Facebook. You can visit Catch and Release on Twitter, or support them by picking up a t-shirt.

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